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Eerie abandoned theme park with loophole which meant staff ‘couldn’t leave’ gets major update

Eerie abandoned theme park with loophole which meant staff ‘couldn’t leave’ gets major update

The staff found themselves trapped by a bizarre loophole when the park closed

An update has been issued about an abandoned theme park that left staff in a bizarre legal limbo due to a loophole.

Tivoli World in Benalmadena, Spain, opened its doors all the way back in the 1970s and welcomed visitors from around the world.

However, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit all non-essential businesses, such as theme parks, were forced to close across Spain.

Although the park’s owners were initially hopeful that it would reopen again as we emerged from the pandemic, that isn’t how things played out.

Tivoli World did manage to reopen again, but it only lasted a couple of months before finally closing its doors for good in 2021, leaving behind a perfectly operational theme park that couldn't afford to run.

But rather than fall into disrepair, like many other closed down theme parks, Tivoli World remained in tip-top condition due to a weird loophole that meant staff were still employed at the park.

According to Euro Weekly News, 87 members of staff ended up in limbo as their contract banned them from seeking work elsewhere, despite the park not being open for business.

The park closed down in 2021.
David Benito/Getty Images

As these workers were never properly dismissed, if they walked away they would not be entitled to any compensation or unemployment insurance, but if they were still working for Tivoli then they weren’t allowed to go and work somewhere else. Confusing, eh?

And with nothing else to do to fill their time, some of the workers continued to turn up and carry out their various duties at the park, which is why it still looked pristine despite not being open.

In an update on the bizarre story, Benalmadena's mayor Juan Antonio Lara has vowed to take the park from its owners and reopen it.

He said: "We’ve been working from minute one to provide solutions and finally achieve what we all want – for Tivoli World to reopen its doors.

The local mayor has issued an update on the fate of the theme park.
David Benito/Getty Images

"Our government team is working to ensure that Tivoli reopens its doors and does so, as it could not be any other way, as an amusement park."

Deputy mayor Presi Aguilera said a foreign investor is considering a bid for Tivoli World.

"There is a foreign investor who is very interested,” he said.

"Benalmadena Council has contacted the owner to hold talks facilitating the takeover.

"None of us wants it to be used for anything other than an amusement park.

"This space must be non-residential, but it could have a hotel or be used for commercial activity.

" But it must be linked to the amusement park's opening."

Featured Image Credit: David Benito/Getty Images

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