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Locals believe 'world's creepiest waterpark' was abandoned because of grim urban legend

Locals believe 'world's creepiest waterpark' was abandoned because of grim urban legend

The L’Aquatic Pardis had barely been open, before rumours began to swirl about a death at the Spanish waterpark.

Most of us will be looking forward to fun trips to take this summer, but tourists might want to avoid this holiday attraction.

Hidden amongst the hills near Barcelona, the L’Aquatic Pardis water park has yet to make waves - despite being built in the early 1990s.

With its waters lying still for almost 30 years, the so-called 'world's creepiest waterpark' has become the setting for a terrifying urban legend.

The park has been bone dry since the 1990s.

According to locals, the theme park closed just two seasons after it opened due to a sinister death at the Spanish resort.

In an incident which wouldn’t go a miss in a Final Destination film, the legend says that an infant was sucked into the wave machine – forcing the sudden closure of the park.

Though the spooky story may keep you up at night, there’s actually very little evidence to suggest that this actually happened.

However, it’s possible that rumours began to emerge as the water park began to trickle into decline.

Originally opening in the early 1990s, it had been hoped that the 13-acre site would enjoy the boost from the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Despite being only a stone’s throw away in Sitges, the park struggles to stay afloat after Spain’s biggest water park, PortAventura in Salou, opened in 1995.

Leaking money at an alarming rate, the L’Aquatic Pardis owners had to make some serious cuts and drastically reduced the number of staff.

It was around this time that rumours began to swirl, with the park finally closing its doors in 1995.

The spooky site is littered in graffiti and broken roofs.

However, urban explorers are still drawn to the park and what lies beneath.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, you can see footage of the now-derelict site complete with its many water slides and now overgrown kiosks.

Though its been closed to the public for nearly two decades, the site is covered in graffiti and rubbish for unwelcome visitors.

If you were hoping that you might be able to sneak in for a quick dip, think again, as there isn’t a single drop in the once bustling venue.

Even the park’s many pavilions haven’t stood the test of time, with multiple buildings now roofless or overgrown with trees.

Sadly, this isn’t the only park to have suffered from this fate as the Costa Del Sol also lost its biggest water park.

Rather than face a watery grave though, the tourist destination closed in 2020 as it struggled to recover from the pandemic.

Seems these theme parks have virtually dried up in Spain.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Abandoned Theme Parks

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