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Chilling moment colossal beast is discovered in the depths of the Amazon river

Chilling moment colossal beast is discovered in the depths of the Amazon river

An expert said it was the biggest snake he'd ever seen

A new species of the largest snake in the world has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest.

The massive creature was ‘as thick as a car’ tire and weighed more than 200kg, according to scientist Professor Freek Vonk who was one of those who discovered the creature. You can see the whopper snake here:

Pretty impressive, eh?

Sharing the video on his Instagram page, Professor Vonk: “Together with 14 other scientists from nine countries I have described a NEW snake species from the Amazon today. And not just one. A massive snake!

"We’ve discovered that the largest snake species in the world, the green anaconda - as we all know it from the movies and all the stories about giant snakes - actually consists of two different species!

“The green anacondas that occur in the northern part of their range in South America (including Venezuela, Suriname, and French Guyana) turn out to be a completely different species!

"Even though they look almost identical to the eye, the genetic difference between the two is 5.5%, and that is huge.

"To put this in perspective: humans and chimps are genetically different only about 2% from each other.”

Scientist Professor Freek Vank said it was the biggest snake he’d ever seen.

He went on to say that the one in the video was the largest he’d ever laid eyes on, as he shared details of incredible size.

He continued: “The biggest anaconda I've ever seen can be seen in the video, as thick as a car tire, eight meters long and over 200 kg heavy - with a head as big as my head. From total awe and admiration a 'monster'!

“I’ve discovered a new species before, but that was a small snake from Australia. Now it's about a mythical and legendary animal!

"Definitely one of the highlights of my scientific career. Also because this snake can be found in the Amazon, a place that feels like home to me.”

It’s estimated to weigh more than 200kg.

The Dutch Professor, who is also a TV presenter, used the discover to highlight the impact of climate change on the area that it was found, saying that it was ‘heavily under pressure from climate change and the ever-lasting deforestation of primary rainforest’.

He added: “Already over a fifth of the Amazon has disappeared, that's more than 30x the area of the Netherlands.

"The survival of these iconic giant snakes is inseparable to protecting their natural habitat. This study highlights how efficient we need to be on our largest tropical rainforest in the world.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@freekvonk

Topics: Science, Environment, Amazon