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'World’s Most Identical’ Twins Celebrate Birthday With Mutual Fiancé Who's Trying To Get Them Both Pregnant

'World’s Most Identical’ Twins Celebrate Birthday With Mutual Fiancé Who's Trying To Get Them Both Pregnant

It's the birthday of the 'most identical' twins in the world, and they're both trying to have babies with the same man.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, dubbed the 'world's most identical' twins, are celebrating their 36th birthday with shared fiancé Ben Byrne.

Take it from someone who knows, life as a twin means you have to field pretty much the same set of questions from everyone who finds out.

Just to quickly answer some of the main questions, being a twin doesn't mean you can read each other's minds, it doesn't mean you feel each other's pain and it doesn't mean you're identical, especially if you are brother and sister.

It's the last one which people ask the most, and while a majority of twins aren't identical about a third of them are.

Still, as far as the competition to find the 'most identical' twins in the world goes Anna and Lucy are probably winning, even if they did spend $250,000 on cosmetic surgery to look more like each other.

If there ever was an official competition to work out who the world's most identical twins are that would probably count as cheating.

It's not just looking alike that the twins mirror each other, they also act almost identically too as they have previously admitted they eat together, shower together and go to the toilet together.

Anna and Lucy are trying to 'live as one person', the sisters do almost everything together and that includes sleeping in the same bed with the same fiancé.

The twins previously said all three of them shared a king-size bed and when it comes to sex nobody is left out, which is exactly how the sisters want things to be.

The pair even want their identical nature to extend to their children, as not only are they planning on both getting pregnant by the same guy but they also want to get pregnant at exactly the same time so that their kids are as similar as possible.

That would make the kids half-siblings and cousins to each other as their father would also be their uncle.

The sisters have been planning on having children at the same time with Ben for several years now and want things to go perfectly, with Lucy saying she'd 'prefer both of us to be pregnant than one'.

They've been in a relationship with Ben since 2012, and feel they would like to get pregnant sooner rather than later.

While they're all engaged to each other, polygamy is not legally recognised in their native Australia so this marital ménage a trois will have to go abroad to tie the knot properly.

Featured Image Credit: @annalucydecinque/Instagram

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