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YouTuber has nose broken after cash machine robbing prank goes horribly wrong

YouTuber has nose broken after cash machine robbing prank goes horribly wrong

The problem with pretending to rob people is some folks will think you're actually robbing someone

An old prank that went disastrously wrong is going viral again as people are watching the YouTuber that pulled the stunt getting their nose broken.

The prank was done back in 2014 by YouTube channel Reckless Youth and in the video one person would appear to withdraw money from a cash machine while the other would pretend to rob them right there on the street.

One guy in shorts and a white tank top would be at the cash machine and get attacked by a guy wearing a mask who'd shout 'give me the money' and start grappling with him.

You can probably already see a plethora of problems with this prank, not least because it's not really pranking anyone since both participants are in on the joke.

On top of that, trying to rob someone in broad daylight with a bunch of people around tends to mean it's pretty likely that someone will step in and do something, especially since the 'robber' was having so much trouble nabbing the money.

The guy getting robbed is in on the joke, the others who stepped in weren't.

The failings of the prank were pretty evident in their earlier attempts in the video as people kept stepping in to break things up and the YouTubers had to explain 'it's a prank' to those about to beat the stuffing out of them.

Already looking like quite a daft idea, the attempted pranksters nonetheless continued to pull their stunt until it went horribly wrong.

They did their routine of pretending to rob a guy as he got money from a cash machine but this time one of the members of the public who stepped in was having absolutely none of it.

While the YouTubers grappled on the ground several men ran over to restrain the 'robber' and one punched him in the face before he could tell them 'it's a prank'.

The punch audibly connected, at which point the fake felon started screaming 'it's a prank' over and over again before moaning in pain.

He got his nose broken after pretending to rob someone at a cash machine.

It turns out that the punch to his face had broken his nose and left him with blood dripping all over the floor.

After the stunt, the YouTubers said they'd actually been trying a 'social experiment' to see if people would intervene in a robbery and they were surprised by the overwhelmingly negative reaction.

People's opinions of the supposed prank were not approving, with one person saying the YouTuber 'totally deserved that' and another saying there was 'no scenario where he didn't get injured'.

Someone else said 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes', and many more expressed a lack of sympathy at the 'it's a prank' defence.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/RecklessYouth

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