​Man Discovers Hidden Room In New House After Parking On Ground Above It
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​Loose Women Goes Off Air As Fathers 4 Justice Crash The Set

​Loose Women Goes Off Air As Fathers 4 Justice Crash The Set

Loose Women is the shittest show on TV.

Right, now that's out of the way, the show was interrupted this lunchtime as protest group Fathers 4 Justice crashed the set, with a man calling out: "Fathers 4 Justice! No kids no cash!"

Fathers 4 Justice is a campaign group for fathers' rights. They are known for their controversial protests, including previously throwing a condom filled with purple powder at Tony Blair in parliament when he was Prime Minister.

Today's interruption came as Coleen Nolan was speaking about her struggles with her weight on Loose Women.


I don't think you can get more daytime TV than that, can you?

The live footage was replaced by the show's logo with no audio.

An Eamon Holmes fan page captured all the action for Twitter, which says it all really...


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The protest group tweeted a capture of the TV image, as well as a poster for their campaign #NoKidsNoCash.


Loose Women Discuss 'The Beast's Marriage To His Cousin During Interview

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Their #NoKidsNoCash campaign is for father's to boycott the Child Support System until dads are 'given equal rights'.

Personally I think that's a load of shit because at the end of the day if they don't pay their fair share towards their child's living cost then it's only going to be their children that will suffer.

But that's just me.

They've got the attention they wanted, your ma' missed 10 seconds of her favourite programme, and the world kept on spinning.


Words by James Dawson

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