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Apparently Mario Is No Longer A Plumber And Now We’re Confused

Apparently Mario Is No Longer A Plumber And Now We’re Confused

Fans aren't happy at all.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Mario is the poster child for Nintendo, and is known virtually across the world as a loveable Italian plumber. But despite the fact that he's appeared in more than 200 games with various responsibilities, everyone has believed that his role is around water pipes.

However, we are wrong, so very wrong.

Nintendo has updated its character profile for the blue overall wearing hero, with the translation roughly saying: "With sports utility, I will do everything cool, tennis, baseball, soccer and car racing. Actually, there seems to have been work as a 'plumber' a long time ago...I love Princess Peach, and if Princess Peach is in trouble, I will go help at any time."

The small alteration hasn't gone down well with some fans.

But the adorable man wasn't always called Mario. When he debuted in 1981 (let that sink in for a second), he was called 'Jumpman' and was shown to be a carpenter who had a pet ape called Donkey Kong.

The arcade game Mario Bros. was released in 1983 and saw Mario and his brother Luigi fight creatures who are coming through the sewers to terrorize New York City.

That was the only time that the dynamic duo could ever really be considered plumbers, as their next appearances in the Super Mario Bros. series saw them rescue Princess Peach and battle Bowser and King Koopa.

He diverged even further from his famed profession as time wore on, becoming a go-kart racer in the Mario Kart series before entering other sports like golf, tennis, baseball and football.

While some people are struggling with the news, they'll have to dust themselves off and accept that Mario and Luigi's plumbing days are in the past.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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