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Stormzy Makes Huge Donation Towards Harvard Student's Tuition Fees

Stormzy Makes Huge Donation Towards Harvard Student's Tuition Fees

What a LAD.

Stormzy has donated £9,000 to a campaign aiming to cover the cost of a degree at Harvard for a London student.

Fiona Asiedu will now begin at the Ivy League college in September, studying a Masters in Human Development and Psychology, having had just four weeks to raise £12,000 towards her tuition.

The campaign came to the grime star's attention after a friend of Fiona's shared the crowdfunding page on Twitter and asked Stormzy to retweet it to his 695,000 followers. However, he instead made a huge donation.

Fiona had appealed for donations in the following video...


Responding to reaching her target, Fiona wrote on Facebook: "I am extremely overwhelmed by what has happened in the last 24 hours. I just want to take this time to express my sincere appreciation to every single one of you who contributed towards the success of this campaign.

"I had prepared to spend the next 4 weeks promoting the campaign (despite having my final year exams in 3 weeks), but through the power of social media and the phenomenal support of my family and friends who shared, retweeted, liked and donated to the #SW2Harvard campaign, we surpassed the target in less than 24 hours!

"Your incredible support has made my dreams of studying at Harvard a reality. The reaction has been incredible and is still very surreal. I haven't had a chance to go through all of your messages but I will.

"As a young Black woman brought up in a working class, single parent household, I've been fortunate enough to study at the University of Oxford and now, with your support, I am off to Harvard this summer!

"This is not only a testament to what God can do, but a testament to what we all can do irrespective of our family background, gender and ethnicity. I do not take your support for granted and will be doing all that I can to support others just like me to pursue their hopes and dreams."

Fiona has said that any funds raised over £14,000 for the #SW2HARVARD campaign will be used to support black British students from low income families who secure a place at Oxford or Harvard. You can make a donation here.

Yet another demonstration that Stormzy is a complete and utter LAD.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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