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Study Shows That Bearded Lads Make Better Long-Term Boyfriends

Study Shows That Bearded Lads Make Better Long-Term Boyfriends

Women love that hobo look.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Cast your mind back a few years to the days when every single man who could grow a beard, did grow a beard.

You couldn't leave the house without bumping into a gang of Gandolfs and it was a good laugh ripping the piss out of your one mates who couldn't grow one. Pube face.

Fast forward a couple of years and the trend's died out, maybe because it was so hard to eat anything without making a mess or maybe lads got sick of looking like lumberjacks, whatever it was. If you jumped on board the beard bandwagon, you've probably jumped back off now.

But were men too quick to shave their face fuzz? Because a new study has shown that women find men with longer beards more attractive for long-term relationships.

The women were shown pictures of the same lad, but with different lengths of beards - from clean shaven to full beard.

The results showed that heavy stubble was the most attractive, with light stubble in second place. However, these were judged as a better option for casual dating, while the full beard was voted as first choice for a long-term relationship.

The team behind the study reckon it's probably to do with full beards being a symbol of masculinity and social dominance.

So, what do you think, lads? Worth growing it back for?

I've just Googled 'impressive beards' so if you want to have a look at some good ones, look no further.

And this is what happens when you Google 'shit beard'.

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