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Survey Shows That Lads Spend More Time Chatting On Their Smartphones Than Women

Survey Shows That Lads Spend More Time Chatting On Their Smartphones Than Women

Beckham making some call back in the day. Image Credit: PA Images.

Fess up, who's on their smartphone right now reading this? If you're a lad then you're living proof of this latest study that has shown males are the real smartphone addicts and spend the most time on mobiles of the two sexes.

In spite of the stereotype being that women are the biggest chatter boxes going, the new survey says that men spend two hours 44 minutes a day on their smartphones - as opposed to one hour and 41 minutes for women.


In terms of talking to someone on the phone, the average for men was 25 minutes per day, which is ten minutes more than women.

The Daily Mail reported that insurance company Direct Line conducted an experiment to track how men and women interact with their devices, using special software.

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In another contradiction of stereotype, they found that it is women who are more likely to be playing games on their phone.


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Bloody hell, the results turn wisdom about how people use their mobile phones on its head. But, in overall phone usage, men spend an hour longer each day making calls, checking emails, surfing the web, playing games and watching videos.

What do you reckon then, lads, do you spend more time on your phone - or does your missus?

Words by James Dawson

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