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Charles Bronson Hits Back At Katie Price After She Criticises Prisoner’s Fiancee

Charles Bronson Hits Back At Katie Price After She Criticises Prisoner’s Fiancee

Ms Price called Paula Williamson 'fame hungry'.

Katie Price has irritated someone you probably wouldn't want to piss off.

The former glamour model branded Paula Williamson, the fiancee of notorious criminal Charles Bronson, 'hungry for fame' after the actress announced her engagement.

But the 64-year-old prisoner wasn't going to sit back and let someone slag off his woman.

Katie was talking about the couple's plans to raise a child, which she described as 'wrong'. She added: "I just think it's wrong. I think he's a dangerous man, you've got to think of the child...and I just think no, it's not right.

Credit: ITV/Loose Women

"It should be taken away from him, he shouldn't have that luxury right now. I think it's selfish to bring a child up knowing you can't bring it up right and the woman hasn't even had intimacy with them.

"There's plenty of guys she can pick. Is she fame hungry, what is it?"

According to The Sun, a handwritten note from Bronson has been sent from HMP Wakefield, saying: "That's abit [sic] rich from Katie Price having a pop at my Paula. Shake your cannister [sic] Katie.

"You've had more cock than a farmyard rooster."

Katie Price
Katie Price

Credit: PA

Ms Price wasn't the only one who was surprised about the news that Bronson and wife-to-be Paula wanted to have children. Bronson told the Mirror he's even picked out a name for his daughter: Sophie.

He's reported to have said: "I want a little baby. I've always fancied a daughter and I'll be the best dad in the world. Keep going on about human rights, cons keep getting legal aid to take them to court because their mattress is too lumpy or their porridge is too cold.

"This is a proper ­request about my angel daughter to be. I want to be a dad and come out to a beautiful angel with a beautiful wife."

Paula Williamson
Paula Williamson

Paula Williamson (Credit: ITV/Loose Women)

He's resigned to the idea that he might have to have a 'test tube' baby instead of conceiving naturally. Paula also told the newspaper: "We spoke about having children. It was very emotional, he was welling up a little bit.

Credit: PA

"We were both a bit choked up. We both love children and the ­possibility of having a baby would be amazing, we've been talking about it for the past month."

They're planning on getting married in autumn.

Featured Image Credit: Barcroft

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