Heartbroken Lilian Cox Calls Boris Johnson A ‘W*****’ After Twin Tragically Dies Of Covid

Heartbroken Lilian Cox Calls Boris Johnson A ‘W*****’ After Twin Tragically Dies Of Covid

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Rapper On ‘Jeremy Kyle’ Doesn’t Think His Baby Is His Because Of Skin Colour

Rapper On ‘Jeremy Kyle’ Doesn’t Think His Baby Is His Because Of Skin Colour

Surely Jeremy Kyle and the people who attend the filming of the show would have heard everything by now. There have been 2,883 episodes spread out across 14 incredible seasons, with DNA tests, lie detector tests and a few heart-warming stories dotted throughout.

But, still, some guests manage to surprise and shock viewers.

Valdir started off quite well, getting Jezza to do a handshake-fist bump combination which looked decidedly awkward. But he warms up the audience by performing a rap, mainly because that's what he does for work. Then he reveals that he got a fan pregnant, but he doesn't think that it's his kid, because of her skin colour.


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Despite his humorous start to the show, he quickly pissed off virtually everyone when saying that he has an 'old-fashioned education'. While you might question if that means he was in a public or state school, Valdir explains: "If I have a wife, and I have a kid with her, I don't expect to be telling you to wash the clothes, or to do the dinner, to do lunch. I don't expect to have to do these things. That's how I keep it real."

Yes, that seems real.

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Jezza says: "You're starting to lose me a bit, because you might be real but you sound like a sexist pig."


Jeremy Kyle Guest Says Kid Can't be His Because Woman Went On Top

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But he was there to get a paternity test not have his morality, chivalry or misogyny questioned. A video of the toddler is shown on the screen, with the rapper claiming that it couldn't be his because he claims she has green eyes and blonde hair, even though Jezza doubts him.

Despite his cries that the dates don't match up, Jezza reveals that the baby is in fact Valdir's.

But the baby's mum, Ismara, drops a bombshell by saying she doesn't want to be with him anymore. She's seen messages on his phone and she doesn't trust him.

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