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Watch Out Jeremy Kyle, Home Bargains Is Now Selling DNA Tests

Watch Out Jeremy Kyle, Home Bargains Is Now Selling DNA Tests

Jeremy Kyle better watch his back - Home Bargains are selling a home DNA test for just under a fiver.

So if you're mad keen to learn exactly who you are and aren't related to - and sometimes you're better off not knowing - you can go down to your local bargain shop and start the process of finding out.


The test kit is made by the company AlphaBiolabs and is said to be the quickest and most accurate home DNA paternity test available to customers in Britain just now.

They've actually been available for a few years now, but people are just starting to notice them and wonder what this means for the future of Jezza's show.

However, like all things that seem too good to be true, it is.

The kit itself will only set you back £4.99, however, if you want to do the test and then actually get the results back you have to pay £99 for the results, meaning that in total the whole job will cost you £103.99.


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For less than a fiver you could probably buy a couple of cotton swabs, which is what you'd need to extract the DNA in the first place.

That seems to be essentially what you are buying if you get the official kit, as well as two consent forms which must be signed and returned in order for the test to be performed.

It's not just for finding out who your dad is, either. It can also tell grandparents, uncles, aunts, and siblings if you so desire.

All you'd need then is a mate to come around and shout at you telling you not to shout and you'd have your own budget Jeremy Kyle show in your front room.

Reaction online has been mixed to say the least. Some people are relishing in the fact that Jeremy Kyle no longer has a monopoly on DNA test theatrics.

There are some who think that maybe if you're making the decision to discover who your biological relatives are you might be better making an investment rather than skimping on the price.

As long as B&M Bargains doesn't start selling lie detectors, Jeremy will still sleep pretty easy.

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