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Model Speaks Out About Life With Two Vaginas

Model Speaks Out About Life With Two Vaginas

She shared the news with her 800,000 followers.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A YouTuber and model has spoken out about what it's like to have two vaginas.

Cassandra Bankson was an adult before she was given the news that she has uterus didelphys, a condition which means she has two vaginas and two wombs after going to her doctors complaining of kidney pains, cramps and mood swings.

Cassandra has almost one million followers on YouTube and she recently posted describing how she found out. Here's a video that explains her finding out about getting two vaginas.

Credit: Barcroft

In an interview with Barcroft, she said: "It's probably like a nose, if you could imagine it upside down. Everything looks the same so I never really noticed a difference but on the inside most vaginas have this opening and then everything is one large cavity. For me there's almost this split right down the middle, just like a septum in a nose."

Fair play to her for speaking out like this.

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