Woman Left Horrified By What She Saw On A Lost iPhone She Found

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Woman Left Horrified By What She Saw On A Lost iPhone She Found

If you've ever found a mobile phone, then you know that the usual routine is to hand it in wherever you found it, and let someone else find the owner.

Given that there's a whole plethora of locks, finger print scanners, passcodes and whatever else, it's hard to just ring a number and find out who the lost device belongs to.

However, as good Samaritan Twitter user @afronomics_ found out, Siri fixes that problem. Not only does it give you the necessary details to find the owner of a lost phone though, it also gives just about every detail you can think of.

The girl took to Twitter to talk about how she managed to return the phone, by asking Siri who it belonged to, and her most recent contacts so she could ring one. But upon doing so, she found out much, much more.



Credit: Twitter/@afronomics_

That is pretty scary.

Though in this particular scenario there was someone nice enough to do the right thing and get the phone back to its owner, there will be other time where it may fall into the hands of someone who'll use those details in a different way. It's not worth the risk.


Luckily, as she points out, there is a way to make sure that people can't access Siri and all that information from the lock screen.

Under the settings app, find Touch ID & Passcode and head to Allow Access When Locked.

To be honest, seeing things like 'Wallet' and @Reply With Message' is pretty terrifying, so you're better off disabling all of those things.


Finding stuff on phones seems to be a pretty consistent issue for people, even if the phone is brand new.

It's a real effort to boot up your new phone and discover that the memory is clogged up by someone else's shit, meaning you have to go about deleting it all. So when buying a new one, the last thing you'd expect is to find someone else's details on there.

Last month, Sophie Highfield, 31, found herself in that exact situation when she loaded up a new phone and found that an iCloud glitch meant her Apple iPhone 5S was hooked up with the contact details of a host of celebs.

Credit: SWNS

After buying the device brand new from Three Mobile she added the numbers for her friends and family, as you usually would, later spotting that there were dozens of numbers she had never added.

Confused, she then discovered genuine contact details for stars such as Adele, Greg Rutherford, David Walliams, Gok Wan and Emma Bunton.

Unfortunately for mum-of-two Lynn Conlin, she wasn't gifted the option to have a chinwag with a British Olympian or songstress Adele; she found something very different.

Poor Lynn needed an upgrade on her device, so she bought a new iPhone, asking her husband and daughter to set it up for her.

"Come on, love. Let's set up mummy's new iPhone. Right, charging, there. Texts work, music - yep, let's have a look at the camera ro- OH BLOODY HELL, AVERT YOUR EYES," is how you'd imagine the conversation went upon realising that somehow Lynn's phone was the home of 12 images of a man's penis.

The man, who can only be identified by his crown jewels, had dropped his kecks and taken a few snaps of his baloney baton for unknown purposes. It could have been for medical reasons. It certainly wouldn't have been to send to a girl - because that never happens.

"I couldn't understand what had happened, neither of us could," 46-year-old Lynn said. "It is a brand new phone, not a refurbished one or anything, so they couldn't have been left there from a previous owner.

"I took the phone straight back to the shop to complain and the manager took a copy of the images, but couldn't give me any explanation as to why the pictures were on the phone."

Credit: SWNS

Similar to Sophie, Lynn bought the phone from a Three Mobile store - meaning that Three are either being sent dodgy iPhones, or an employee there is dedicated to pranking people.

"In order to assess how this has happened we need to test the device thoroughly," a spokesperson for Three said. "We have offered the customer a replacement handset and discount on their line rental as an intermediate gesture while we investigate this serious matter further."

Lynn, from Falkirk, was told that Three would be in touch with her, but three weeks on she's yet to hear from them.

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