The Apocalypse Is Nigh, According To A Website That Predicts Humanity's End

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The Apocalypse Is Nigh, According To A Website That Predicts Humanity's End

There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide, because the apocalypse is coming and the Lord Almighty is feeling vengeful as hell.

So says Christian website Signs of the End Times, which claims that because two weeks ago we saw a lunar eclipse, snow moon and New Year comet in our skies, the end is nigh.

The website says: "Never has there been a time before when all these events were evident in so many diverse places and with such frequency and intensity.

"Our generation is the first generation to fulfil all the biblical signs.


"Without doubt we are living in the final year."

The website claims the predictions are made in the bible. Credit: PA Images

They say the recent spike in natural disasters, earthquakes and mass animal deaths are all clues that foretell our impending doom.


Hosea, chapter 4 verse 3, in the Bible, says one sign of a coming apocalypse will be the mass loss of life on Earth.

You might think that considering humanity survived two world wars and the bubonic plague, that we'd be safe, but the doom mongers say the sudden deaths of species of bats, fish and honey bees is evidence the world is going to end.

Believing that the world was created only a few thousand years ago, they say this points to evidence that our time is nearly up.


The deaths of honey bees are said to be a sign of the end. Credit: PA Images

The Reverend Donna Larson who runs the website last year said 2017 would see the end of times as the year is significant in the biblical calendar, seeing the 70th anniversary of the UN's decision to establish Israel and 50 years after the unification of Jerusalem.

She said: ""All these numbers have Biblical significance - 50 is the number of unification between Passover and Pentecost and 70 is the number of fulfilment according to the book of Daniel, Chapter 9.

"So 50 and 70 represent the beginning and the end."


This isn't the only gloomy prediction we've had for humanity's fate this year.

Did Somebody Say Asteroid?

According to one astronomer, NASA is covering up that a comet or asteroid dubbed 2016 WF9 is destined to hit the earth and could (potentially) wipe out millions of people.

Dr Dyomin Damir Zakharovich has warned the impact could wipe out a city if it strikes land or cause a devastating tsunami if it lands in the sea.


NASA revealed earlier this month that a comet or asteroid dubbed 2016 WF9 would pass close to Earth on February 25, but has been eerily quiet about its size - with estimates ranging between 0.3 and 0.6 miles across.

Credit: YouTube

NASA has said it is likely WF9 comes from the outer solar system, but Dr Zakharovich is more specific about it origins. He believes the asteroid comes from a fabled giant hidden planet, known as Nibiru or Planet X - believed by many to be on a collision course with Earth.

Dr Zakharovich said: "NASA is lying through its teeth. It is not conceivable that they do not know the truth. We have seen the data!

"The object they call WF9 left the Nibiru system in October when Nibiru began spinning counter clockwise around the sun.

"Since then, NASA has known it will hit Earth - but they are only telling people now.

"And this is just a precursor to the damage Nibiru will cause when it gets here.

"NASA probably knows the impact zone. I do not.

"We are all in peril."

For years conspiracy theorists have claimed that that an unseen planet beyond Neptune - called Nibiru or Planet X - is going to destroy Earth.

Credit: NASA

NASA has 'debunked' the 'Nibiru myth' via its Beyond 2012 page, saying, "Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims. If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye."

But who knows who is best to trust on an issue like this, on one hand we have NASA the earth's premier aeronautics and aerospace research organisation. On the other hand we have Dr Dyomin Damir Zakharovich a wild-eyed maverick offering a grim view of humanity's fate.

You might be tempted to side with NASA, but we've all seen The Day After Tomorrow, nobody trusted Dennis Quaid's character in that either.

And this isn't the first time apocalyptic visions have been offered of the earth's future...

Death Is Coming

In July an organisation suggested that every trace of your consciousness will be erased from the face of the earth on 29 July with cities collapsing as the Earth's magnetic poles reverse.

Luckily it never came to fruition.

Watch a video about it here...

Credit: End Times Prophecies

Conspiracy theorists claimed that on that fateful day the earths poles would reverse and it will be followed by the arrival of Jesus. Jesus - in the biggest heel turn since Stone Cold Steve Austin joined forces with Vince McMahon - will kill everyone except certain Christians who watch a lot of videos on YouTube.

It never happened, which perhaps bodes well for our collective futures...

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / End Times Prophecies

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