OnlyFans Could Face Bill Of Over Three Years' Worth Of Unpaid Taxes
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Man Ends Up With Other Person's Car In His Driveway For Almost A Week

Man Ends Up With Other Person's Car In His Driveway For Almost A Week

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There's nothing more annoying than when somebody takes your usual parking spot on the street, so imagine one man's frustrations when somebody took that shit to the next level and parked in his driveway. What's more there was nothing he could do about it.


The Bristol bloke claims he had a lengthy ordeal after reporting the problem last Sunday.

For some reason the police told him that they wouldn't act or trace the brazen owner and call them, while the local council also said they were not responsible for doing anything about it.

The car was eventually moved five days later but the resident, who didn't want to be named, has now discovered it isn't illegal to park on someone's driveway. How bloody shocking is that?

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In terms of the parked cars legal status, tax, insurance and MoT, it was all up to scratch. But it was either left on the drive by mistake or by some absolute chancer.

There's more information on the reporting process on our website."

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Although the moment a car cross onto someone else's property, it is technically trespassing the offence is civil and holds no bearing in criminal law, meaning the owner of the driveways best bet to get the thing removed would have been to obtain an eviction notice from a judge.

A Bristol City Council said that unless the vehicle is blocking a public highway, council officers have no powers to deal with it

"Bristol City Council will investigate abandoned vehicles parked on public land or highway, but not on private land," said a spokeswoman for the council," the council told the Sun.

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"In order to be classified as abandoned the vehicle also needs to be untaxed for at least one month and left in the same location for a significant amount of time.

A national police spokesman said: "Getting a vehicle removed from private land can potentially be an involved matter.

"If the vehicle is in a dangerous condition, for example it's leaking petrol or contains dangerous items such as gas bottles, we would suggest you contact your local police via the non-emergency 101 number or 999 if an emergency response is required.

"If you think the vehicle is abandoned, we would suggest you contact your local council. Councils must remove abandoned vehicles from both land in the open air and roads (including private roads). "However, local council policies differ in relation to this so we would suggest you discuss the matter with them - it may help if you speak with a manager. If a vehicle is abandoned, you don't have to ask the council to move it.

"Under no circumstances would we advocate you merely pushing the vehicle onto a road and leaving it there, as you may commit a number of offences."

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