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Man lets his dog pick which numbers to play on roulette and ends up winning big

Man lets his dog pick which numbers to play on roulette and ends up winning big

The pooch deserves a new chew toy at the very least for its hard work

I know dogs have decent intuition, but I never had them down as roulette whizzes.

One bloke put the fate of his bet in the paws of his pet and ended up winning big.

Have a look at the video here:

The Brit was having an afternoon flutter when he decided to turn to his pooch to help him predict which number would come up.

Thank God he wasn't putting his house up as collateral as I'm sure his partner wouldn't appreciate that explanation.

As part of his master plan, he first had to the distract the pup by encouraging it to have a look out of the window.

The animal took its role as guard dog very seriously and pounced onto a chair to lift itself up to the windowsill.

After the dog was in position and monitoring the perimeter, the lad then began counting up to 36 - which is how many slots are on a roulette wheel while the dog stared outside.

When the canine finally turned back around again, he would stop.

Whatever number he got up to, the bloke decided he would take a chance and spin it on the wheel of fortune.

The man opted to let his dog decide which number to put money on.

He managed to make it to 23 before his pet snapped its neck back around, which locked in the number he would place a bet on.

The dog owner put a £25 bet on number 23 and seemed confident his pooch would be bang on the money.

"The dog knows.. the dog knows," he said hopefully.

Well, he ought to check that his dog hasn't been moonlighting as a gambling guru - as his punt was spot on.

The man had raked in a whopping £900 on the betting app thanks to his dog.

Although he had every faith in his sidekick, he was still shocked and shouted: "Oh no f***ing way! No way."

I think it's safe to say we all would have had a similar reaction.

The £25 bet on number 23 ended up earning him £900.

That dog certainly deserves a new chew toy at the very least.

Social media users applauded the duo's success in the comment section - although the spotlight was definitely on the dog.

One said: "Top dawg he is."

Another wrote: "Dog better be eating swell tonight."

A third joked: "Wait a minute, I just gotta talk to my dog for a little bit..."

And a fourth added: "23 is always a number that comes in, I can't explain it but play enough spins and you'll see."

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Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Image/@contentbible

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