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Jeremy Clarkson's partner Lisa explains why she is 'really proud' of him

Jeremy Clarkson's partner Lisa explains why she is 'really proud' of him

The controversial broadcaster is criticised by many, but Clarkson's Farm has been heaped with praise, and Lisa thinks it's deserved

To say Jeremy Clarkson is a divisive figure is somewhat of an understatement.

The controversial broadcaster has found himself at the centre of many a scandal during his years in the limelight - including one rather notable one quite recently. But in Clarkson's Farm he has landed upon something which is pretty much universally adored, and his partner Lisa Hogan is bursting with pride.

Watch her explain why here:

The Dublin-born actor starred in comedy Fierce Creatures alongside the likes of John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline back in the '90s, but nowadays she spends her days around actual creatures on Clarkson's Diddly Squat farm in the Cotswolds.

She's been charged with running the much-publicised farm shop - which is no mean feat. Fans of the show have flocked to the tiny shop in droves, causing parking chaos and leading to lengthy queues.

Lisa's lived an interesting life.
AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

LADbible headed down to the shop, where we found a visitor from the US telling Lisa all about how much they loved her boyfriend. But do these interactions ever start to grate?

"I'm really proud of him actually," she replied, before praising him for what he's done for the world of farming.

"He's really loved, but I'm really proud of him for doing this," she explained. "And creating such a movement within agriculture, where people like I would have gone by and I wouldn't have known what a tramline is. And now I do.

"You just look at the country in a different way, I think."

Lisa added that Jeremy is a workaholic, fronting shows such as The Grand Tour and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, all while writing columns and, of course, taking on the mammoth task of running his 1,000-acre farm.

Lisa is 'really proud' of her man.
Prime Video

Indeed, hard graft underpins Diddly Squat. Lisa gets no respite handling the endless line of customers at the shop, while land agent Charlie works tirelessly to ensure endless boxes are ticked.

Meanwhile, Gerald has worked on the land for more than half a century and Kaleb hardly even sleeps. In fact, Jeremy reckons the farming contractor is the hardest working person he knows.

"He's a wonderful, wonderful person," the 62-year-old told LADbible. "The hardest working person I know.

"He doesn't have a day off either. He does 18 hours a day, every day."

Staggeringly, Kaleb confirmed he regularly clocks 117-hour weeks.

"That's an average week," he said.

"My one goal in life is to buy myself a farm - that's what I want more than anything."

He added: "I'm a firm believer, if you wake up in the morning and go, 'Urghhh, got to work', you're in the wrong job straightaway.

"I wake up and I go, 'Right, dreams don't work unless you do.' You know, that's one thing that's in my head all the time."

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video / Lily Alice / Alamy Stock Photo

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