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New angle shows exact moment Tottenham fan kicked Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale

New angle shows exact moment Tottenham fan kicked Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale

The goalkeeper was involved in an altercation with a fan following Arsenal's 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur

New footage has been shared online that shows Aaron Ramsdale being kicked by a fan after Arsenal's victory of Tottenham Hotspur over the weekend.

The two sides went up against one another in the North London derby yesterday (15 January) but things took a turn for the worse after the final whistle:

Mikel Arteta's men strolled to a pretty comfortable victory, defeating their bitter rivals 2-0 to go 14 points clear of them at the top of the Premier League table.

And Spurs really didn't take the loss very well at all, with winger Richarlison kicking off with Arsenal's goalkeeper at the end.

Footage from the aftermath shows the Brazillian pushing Ramsdale, and at one point, slapping him in the face.

But it wasn't just the players who got the hump, fans were also vexed by Ramsdale's goading.

When the 24-year-old went to pick up his water bottle from behind the goal, one Spurs supporter managed to clamber over several rows of seats and kick him.

The fan was seen kicking the Arsenal goalkeeper.

New footage shared from the incident shows the fan, who had his face covered by a scarf, lurching forward in an attempt to boot the goalie.

He then quickly jumps away, retreating into the stand as the crowd makes its way out of the ground.

Since the footage was shared on social media, fans of both sets of supporters have spoken out, condemning the man's actions.

Calling for a ban, one user said: "Don’t let him in a football stadium ever again."

Another commented: "Life time ban plus assault, hope it was worth it."

"Awful and uncalled for and hope he gets whats coming to him," put a third.

While another shocked fan said: "This side of football is so cringe man, grown men getting pressed."

He then ran off into the crowd.

Following the altercation, Ramsdale told Sky Sports that he had been having a bit of banter with Spurs fans during the game.

However, while some took it well, others became increasingly aggressive.

"The Spurs fans were giving me some stick in the second half so I was giving them some back," he told the channel.

"The few people that I did do it to, it was probably well greeted, sportsmanship-like.

"Then a fan tried to jump over and give me a little punch in the back. That’s what happened and it’s a shame because it is just a game of football at the end of the day.

"I think both sets of players tried to bring me away.

"Thankfully, nothing happened too drastically but it is a sour taste but I am sure we will enjoy it when we go back in the dressing room."

Featured Image Credit: @StokeyyG2/Twitter

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