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Ex-Arsenal Manager Unai Emery Gives Fan The Finger After They Mock His English

Ex-Arsenal Manager Unai Emery Gives Fan The Finger After They Mock His English

The football manager was having none of it

Footage has emerged of former Arsenal manager Unai Emery giving a fan the middle finger after they mocked his English. Check it out:

The Spanish football manager was sacked by the Gunners just 18 months after taking over, having suffered from a series of poor results.

Thankfully for him, he has things back on track as the manager of Villarreal, including a friendly match against Southampton on Saturday, 30 July.

But things took a sour turn when Emery posed for pictures and signed autographs for fans waiting outside the stadium. 

One crowd member asked the ex-footballer to say ‘good ebening', a reference to his time in charge of Arsenal.

Emery would often start interviews and press conferences by saying 'good evening', but the fan was mocking his accent.

In the video, they were heard asking, “Can you say ‘good ebening',” whilst another said, “I think you done very good at Arsenal…"

It appears the series of insults became enough for Emery, who responded with a smirk before putting his middle finger up at the camera.

That's what you get.

The footage was shared by TikToker @mu54_, who added the caption: "Safe to say it was not a Good Ebening for Unai Emery."

Since going viral, thousands of people have commented on the savage response, with many taking Emery's side.

One said: “Good on him. He isn’t your monkey to do a trick. No respect at all. I couldn’t imagine doing that to someone my age let alone someone 20 years my senior.”

Over on Twitter, another wrote: "He meant that from all his heart. good on him taunting him and disrespecting him all these years."

A third added: "He had enough of people making fun of him when ever he said 'good ebening'."

"Tbf imagine taking the time to learn a language just to be mocked," wrote a fourth, to which one user replied, "By people that only speak their own language and sometimes very poorly."

Back when Emery was dropped by the Gunners, he broke his silence by writing a heartfelt goodbye to the fans.

Alongside a number of thank you's, he wrote: "It has been a year and a half full of emotions, of great moments and some other more bitter ones, but not a single day has gone by without me stopping to think about how lucky I have been to work for this club with these players and their professional and personal qualities.

Unai Emery has enjoyed success as the manager of La Liga club Villarreal.
Creative Commons

"They have always honoured the shirt they wear. They deserve your support.

"I had already experienced a lot in football, but I have enjoyed and learned a lot in England, in the Premier League, about respect for professionals and about the purity of football."

The 50-year-old’s time at Arsenal was seen as a failure, but he has since rebuilt his reputation in Spain, having taken Villarreal to Europa League glory in 2021.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mu54_

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