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Fans blown away by Andy Ruiz Jr's body transformation and he now has a six-pack

Fans blown away by Andy Ruiz Jr's body transformation and he now has a six-pack

Sport: people think Andy Ruiz Jr is in the 'best shape' of his career

Andy Ruiz Jr fans have been left flabbergasted by his incredible 'six-pack' body transformation.

The boxer, who famously beat Anthony Joshua in their first meeting in 2019, is now prepping for an upcoming match-up against Luis Ortiz in Los Angeles.

Ruiz subsequently lost his rematch versus AJ, but managed to follow it up with a win over Chris Arreola in May of last year.

The 32-year-old is clearly taking his next fight very seriously and looks to have lost a ton of weight - with hopes he can grab the win on Sunday (4 September).

Andy Ruiz Jr of California celebrates defeating Anthony Joshua in 2019.
Action Plus Sports Images / Alamy Stock Photo

'The Destroyer' shared a topless clip on social media and viewers were stunned with his transformation.

"Ruiz in that shape is a handful for any heavyweight imo," one person commented.

A second added: "Best shape I've seen Ruiz in," with a third person thought: "Crazy right!? Dude has a 6 pack almost. Insane change from the last Joshua fight to now."

Another said: "Wow!! Looking cut Bro, I’ve given you bad words after AJs rematch, respect that you’ve come back and worked hard to get in shape."

"Looks ripped. This guy is a beast in the ring and I think he'll soon grab one of the heavyweight belts again," someone else thought.

Andy Ruiz Jr fans are flabbergasted by his incredible 'six-pack' body transformation.
Twitter / @Andy_destroyer1

"Phenomenal. Looking good champ, good luck out there. Viva la Mexico," another added.

During a recent interview with ES News, the former heavyweight champion said: "I think the motivation and disrespect is just between me and myself because I think everybody has their own little, their mind playing games you know?

"So, I think we need to stay focused, we need to motivate ourselves and you know, why do we do this?

"What's the reason why we do this and I feel it's for my people, my family, my kids and you know, we just gotta give it all we got."

He added: "When I hit somebody and they fall straight to the canvas, it’s an amazing feeling. You are unstoppable at that moment. I want to become a champion again and that’s exactly why I am working my a** off."

"Because I know what it takes to win that fight. Both of us are trying to rip each other’s head off and that’s exactly what they are gonna see on September 4."

Andy Ruiz Jr vs. Luis Ortiz will take place Sunday, September 4 and the fighters are expected to make their ring walk at 12am ET / 5am GMT.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo/Fox Sports

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