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A Sky Sports presenter has called for a ‘F1 chart of rudeness’ after his colleague Martin Brundle was snubbed by Cara Delevingne at the British Grand Prix last weekend.

Footage showed Formula 1 commentator Brundle, 64, on the grid interviewing various people, when he spotted Delevingne, 30.

Chatting to a man beside her, he could be heard saying: "She doesn't want to talk? But everybody has to talk on the grid. That's the deal now, everybody talks on the grid."

Brundle then decided to shoot his shot, in spite of already being told 'no'. He approaches Delevingne, saying: "Can we have a quick chat? Sky F1, good to see you on the grid."

Persistence didn't pay off in this case, as Delevingne replied: "No.”

The pundit went on to argue 'the deal is everybody has to speak on the grid', but Delevingne then claimed she 'couldn't hear' what he was saying.

Cara Delevingne repeatedly told Brundle she didn't want to chat.
Sky Sports

A disgruntled Brundle then walked off with a savage, sarcastic quip, saying: "All right, well, I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting."

The exchange has since prompted a huge debate online, with many F1 fans accusing Delevingne of ‘garbage behaviour’, while the star hit back: “I was told to say no so I did.”

Brundle’s Sky colleague, Karun Chandhok, also waded in on the topic, saying he believes there should be a ‘chart of rudeness’ for Formula 1.

Quote-tweeting a clip of the non-interview on Twitter, the racing driver and television presenter wrote: “I honestly think we should have a ‘chart of rudeness’ in F1!

“Next time, take the grid passes from people who don’t care and give it to some deserving kids who will treasure the experience….”

Another agreed: “This is a great idea. We can have a ranking board like they did in Top Gear for fastest celeb in a car.”

Someone else replied: “Sums up modern F1. Completely out of touch.”

Karun Chandhok suggested a F1 'chart of rudeness'.

Actor Brad Pitt, meanwhile, has been praised for his conversation with Brundle, saying it felt ‘great’ to be there.

He was at Silverstone after being cast as an F1 driver in a movie, and was spotted alongside his co-star, Damson Idris, on the grid.

As he caught up with Brundle, Pitt said it was 'great to be' at the event and even threw the presenter a compliment during the interview, proving that he knew Brundle used to be a driver himself.

Noting that Pitt would be playing a 'guy who raced in the 90s', he told Brundle: "In fact I would have been on the track with you at some point. So you've got to do a cameo."

Naturally, Brundle was on board with this idea, saying: "I'd love to."

And the actor was praised for his friendly chat with Brundle, with many calling attention to the contrast between his interview and Brundle's chat with Delevingne.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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