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Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Live On Instagram Leaving Fans Seriously Confused

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Live On Instagram Leaving Fans Seriously Confused

The Manchester United player recently broke the record for Instagram followers

Cristiano Ronaldo's latest Instagram move has left his fans absolutely baffled. Watch it for yourself:

The 37-year-old went live to hundreds of thousands of his followers on Wednesday night (9 February), showing him enjoying a stint in his private sauna in the grounds of his mansion.

While it's not uncommon for Ronaldo to do a short live for his followers, they're usually slightly more engaging than him just staring down the lens, saying absolutely nothing.

In the video, the Portuguese striker doesn't say a word and instead just pans the camera around the sauna while smiling to himself.

It left his followers fairly perplexed and not sure whether he actually knew he had gone live or not.

One user said: "Ronaldo... 400 million followers on Instagram and he doesn’t even know how it works."

Echoing the confusion, another asked: "Why’s Ronaldo just baking off in a sauna in a shed not saying a single word on his Instagram live."

"I’m convinced he’s a robot," put a third.

The player confused fans with his latest live.

Even former teammate Rio Ferdinand was left baffled by what he was seeing.

Commenting on the live, he asked: "What you doing bro?"

Fortunately, it seems he knew exactly what he was doing as he even commented on the live himself, putting three heart emojis.

And to be fair, when you're one of the wealthiest people on the planet and arguably the greatest footballer ever, you probably don't care if people think you're a bit weird.

This comes after Ronnie broke the Instagram record for followers, racking up over 400m.

According to reports, the player had just the 237million followers as of September last year, meaning he's gained another 167 in just five months.

Which isn't too shabby, is it?

Ronaldo recently broke the record for Instagram followers.

Congratulating the player on his milestone, Piers Morgan said: "Congrats to ⁦@Cristiano on becoming the first human being ever to reach 400 million followers on Instagram. The undisputed social media," along with a goat emoji and a series of clapping hands.

"Ps He only follows 500 people, including me… he knows a good grammer when he sees one."

And what's more, the incredible feat coincided with the Manchester United player's birthday last week.

Sharing a photograph of him and his partner Georgina Rodriguez, he wrote: "Life is a roller coaster. Hard work, high speed, urgent goals, demanding expectation.

"But in the end, it all comes down to family, love, honesty, friendship, values that make it all worth it. Thanks for all the messages! 37 and counting."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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