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Fans are blown away after realising meaning behind basketball player's GTA cheat code tattoo

Fans are blown away after realising meaning behind basketball player's GTA cheat code tattoo

People are calling Devonte Green a genius for this epic design.

A basketballer in the US appears to have figured out life's biggest secret: the cheat codes to make the whole damn process a little bit easier.

Well, sort of.

Indiana Hoosiers star Devonte Green broke the internet when fans noticed he has a Grand Theft Auto tribute tattoo on his arm.

But it's a rather specific cheat code that gives it an extra layer of *chef's kiss*.

So if the significance of this is a little murky, we'll explain it for you.

In the once-in-a-generation legendary game that is GTA, that code is the the hack for unlimited ammunition.

He's also shooter for the Indiana Hoosiers.

And he's really good at it. Get it? So there it is. That's the analogy.

OK, now we're all definitely on the same page, back to business.

Fans lost it when they worked out what the random letters, symbols and numbers meant.

One person on Twitter said: "This dude got the hardest tat I've ever seen a basketball player have."

Another added: "[He has a cheat code tatt because] that man [is] a shooter."

A third person just commented: "GOALS."

So even we'll admit, it's some pretty dope ink.

Plus, just imagine how flippin' sick life would be if cheat codes were a thing.

Low on funds? Just type up up, down, left, square, triangle, into your banking app and cop an easy-breezy free $10,000.

We'd so volunteer as tribute to get this.

He's not the first or the last sporting legend with a lit tattoo, and he's also not the last sporting fanatic to take a design too far.

In Argentina, another fan spoke of his immediate regret after getting the surname of football legend Lionel Messi tattooed across the middle of his forehead in massive letters.

That's sure is one way to commemorate a World Cup win.

But still, yikes.

"I didn't think I'd be saying this so soon and I felt very proud of what I'd done in the first few days, but I now wish I hadn't done it," he said.

We can't see how that one backfired, to be honest.

One football-mad fan named Maurício dos Anjos also had the entire kit shirt from Brazil's Flamengo team inked onto his torso.

Talk about being committed to the cause.

Featured Image Credit: Cal Sport Media / Alamy Stock Photo. Rockstar

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