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Girl Wins Race After Running Back For Lost Shoe In Stunning Video

Girl Wins Race After Running Back For Lost Shoe In Stunning Video

She got off to the worst start, but she didn't give up

A girl in the US made a remarkable comeback on the track, winning her race after losing a shoe. Check it out here:

Talaya Crawford got off to an extremely bad start in her 200-metre race at the track meet at Northwest High School in Omaha, Nebraska, with her shoe slipping off after the starting gun, and her opponents racing ahead as she went back to retrieve the shoe.

"She ran out her shoe!" an onlooking supporter can be heard saying with dismay in the viral video.

Seeing how far ahead the other racers had pulled away, many people would have accepted this wasn't their day and abandoned the race - but not Talaya.

The seven-year-old - who is the son of boxer Terence 'Bud' Crawford - had not given up on delivering a knockout performance of her own, and after hastily putting the shoe back on, she proceeded to surge after the other competitors.

As the other girls rounded the bend, Talaya could be seen roaring after them, and as the others slowed, she continued to give it her all.

In the end, she won the race by a good distance, proving the importance of never giving up - and that she was easily the fastest runner out there.

She somehow managed to win comfortably.
Jam Press

Proud dad Terence shared the video on Instagram, where it has been viewed more than 388,000 times.

Captioning the clip, he said: "I just can't stop thinking about my daughter's track meet yesterday.

"She just doesn't have a clue how much she just motivated me.

"This is the definition of not giving, heart and grit. She let it all hang out even when she was hit with adversity."

Viewers of the viral video were just as impressed by Talaya's talent and attitude.

One person commented: "Super star already. Ain't never seen nobody put a shoe back on and then win by that much in a 200m race."

Another said: "Me and my wife watched it three times in a row, both in awe that she didn't just get upset and quit. I think most kids would have pouted, cried.

"Not only does stick with it and finish, but she comes back to somehow dominate. We should all have her grit."

A third added: "She's cut from a different cloth man, they had a 4-5 second head start and she still beat like a boss. Certified MVP."

Bravo Talaya - maybe see you at the Olympics some day.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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