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Man cleans up pool game under 30 seconds leaving commentators stunned

Man cleans up pool game under 30 seconds leaving commentators stunned

A pool champion only needed 30 seconds to get through his game and win

A champion pool player once finished a game in 30 seconds and it is an absolutely spectacular treat to watch.

Plenty of people fancy themselves a dab hand at pool, and even when it doesn't go to plan you can always complain about the shoddy quality of the cue or moan about the fraying fabric of the table.

Then there's those of us who are just trying to pot a few of our balls to preserve our dignity and try our hardest not to sink the black and white at the same time.

However, from time to time a champion of the sport will come along and remind us all exactly why they're so damn good at what they do.

Gareth Potts certainly has the right name for pool, and he has lived up to his nickname of 'the golden boy' by becoming a world champion multiple times.

The amazing player in question was pool world champion Gareth Potts.
Sipa US / Alamy Stock Photo

If you've ever looked at someone who is really good at a sport and wondered if you could give them a decent go, one look at Potts polishing off a game of pool in 30 seconds should put those foolish ambitions to rest.

A video of Potts getting the win in an Ultimate Pool match against Jake McCartney in half a minute was so impressive that it utterly stunned the commentators watching.

They'd been wondering if he'd go for the 'golden break', where you pot the 8 ball right from the break and win the frame immediately, but he ended up pulling off something much more impressive.

Potting two reds and two yellows right off the break, Potts elected to play yellows and it turned out to be exactly the right decision as he had perfect shots lined up for all of them.

He then potted the remaining five yellows in quick succession as the commentators realised what he was doing and said: "Oh Gareth Potts, you couldn't could you?"

A quick fist pump from Potts to celebrate his incredible deed was well earned.
Ultimate Pool

As it turns out, yes he absolutely could as he smoothly potted the 8 ball with just his sixth shot after breaking.

The video was posted to TikTok, where amazed and delighted pool fans shared their appreciation of the stunning display.

One fan said Potts was 'probs the best pool player of all time', while another praised his 'superb skill'.

A third chimed in: "Had to clear within 30 seconds or so to stay in the event - that was the really impressive bit!"

Others pitched in with jokes about Potts' name being a fitting one for pool with one quipping that we 'need more sportsmen with names like this', they suggested we should try and find a 'Lewis Drives' and a 'Phil Throws-Darts'.

Featured Image Credit: Ultimate Pool

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