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Marcus Rashford saves female footballer from male mob in nightclub

Marcus Rashford saves female footballer from male mob in nightclub

The Manchester United striker has been branded a 'gent' after helping his fellow player

Marcus Rashford has been praised as a 'gent' after he reportedly saved a woman from the attention of a group of blokes.

The Manchester United striker was out clubbing at Chinawhite in Manchester last month when he saw fellow footballer Alisha Lehmann.

According to reports, the Aston Villa forward was allegedly receiving some unwanted attention from a few lads in the bar.

While he'd never met the Swiss international before, Rashford is said to have recognised her and stepped in.

After spotting the commotion, he apparently went across and invited Lehmann over to his booth with his mates.

A source from the nightclub said the England player was 'a true gent'.

Alisha Lehmann was reportedly out at Chinawhite in Manchester when she was surrounded by a group of lads.

The insider told the Sun: "Marcus cleared a table and invited her and her friends to join them. It was the first time they’d met but he knew who Alisha was.

“They exchanged a few words and she thanked him then they carried on partying with their separate sets of friends. She thought he was a gent."

LADbible has contacted a representative for Marcus Rashford, as well as the nightclub Chinawhite, for a comment about the alleged incident.

This comes as football commentator Martin Tyler was slammed for a 'racist' remark he made during a game over the weekend.

Liverpool hosted Tottenham on Sunday (30 April) as the two sides went head to head in the race for the top four.

And it turned into a feisty affair, with plenty of fouls and controversy as the Scousers came out on top, winning with a last minute strike from Diogo Jota to clinch the three points 4-3.

At one point, Sky commentator Tyler remarked on a fairly innocuous foul from Son against Liverpool forward Cody Gakpo.

During the passage of play, the South Korean star was chasing down his Dutch counterpart down as he made a break away.

And in a cynical attempt to stop the attack, Son pulled on Gakpo's jersey, a move which Tyler likened to 'martial arts'.

Martin Tyler describe Son Heung-min's foul as 'martial arts'.
PA Images/Alamy

However, while the 77-year-old is no stranger to making a poor joke here and there - 'De Bruyne, De Gea, De-erby' was a personal low - lots of fans felt his remarks were offensive.

Taking to social media, one viewer said: "Just rewatching the match, and Martin Tyler definitely made a comment when Son got booked about it being ‘martial arts’. I’m the last person to fake outrage about something tongue in cheek but that’s not on surely?"

Another commented: "Martin Tyler associating Son with martial arts???"

"Did I just hear Martin Tyler refer to Son’s tackle as ‘martial arts’ like?" asked a third. "Are we not taking that as a racist comment?"

Responding to the criticism, a spokesperson for Sky said: "Martin Tyler has been reminded of need for care with his wording," they said. "No offence was intended."

LADbible has contacted Sky for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / Alamy / Instagram/@alishalehmann7

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