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Martyn Ford Almost Rips Punch Machine Off The Ground With Terrifying Power Shots

Martyn Ford Almost Rips Punch Machine Off The Ground With Terrifying Power Shots

The fighter-cum-actor is set to fight the Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi at the O2 Arena in London

British fighter Martyn Ford almost uprooted a boxing machine screwed to the ground today as he prepared for his bout against the 'Iranian Hulk' in five weeks. Check it out here:

Ford will fight Sajad Gharibi at the O2 Arena and posted the video of his encounter with the machine to his Instagram account earlier today.

People have branded Ford as 'the World's Scariest Man' at six feet nine inches, weighing around 167kg, and with tattoos running up his torso onto his neck.

He captioned the post: "So what was supposed to be a light session ended up with a game of 'can you knock the machine out the floor'.

"Oh of course we can. We have five weeks to get punching properly, five weeks to polish this up, five weeks to do nothing else but focus on the task in hand.

"And someone has five weeks to think of as many excuses as he can as to why he can't make it. April can't come fast enough, who have you got to win?"


In the video the cameraman zooms in for a close-up of the screws fixing (or not fixing) the punching machine to the ground.

With each of Ford's hits, the entire room seems to shake and the screws rattle in their fittings.

Ford and Gharibi first planned the fight during Ford's time at Polish MMA promotion KSW several years ago.

He has since received advice from heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte and Glory kickboxer Rico Verhoeven ahead of his bout with the Iranian Hulk.


Gharibi has taken a seemingly unorthodox approach to his fight camp by wrestling three sparring partners, as shown in one video, and punching concrete walls.

Ford responded to the fight promo videos by calling the Hulk 'disgusting' and 'useless', while revealing his ambitions to fight the Rock (shots fired?).

He told the Mirror: "I just want to smash his head in.


"It won’t give me any sense of achievement or pride to win, because I genuinely don’t think he will bring anything to the table that will allow me to be proud of myself.

"You can’t feel good about beating someone up that is useless. For me this is about settling some nonsense that has gone backwards and forwards for two or three years.

"The stuff that has been said from him and his camp and his fans, so I have just got to the point where I want to fight."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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