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Football club hit with unwanted comments after rude reaction to player called Liam Dick getting contract extension

Football club hit with unwanted comments after rude reaction to player called Liam Dick getting contract extension

Raith Rovers FC have received an avalanche of vulgar comments after news of player Liam Dick's contract extension

A football club has been hit with an avalanche of unwanted comments after the internet's rude reaction to a player called Liam Dick getting a contract extension.

Raith Rovers FC took to Twitter to make the exciting news but was met with an onslaught of less-than-PG responses.

The defender has since become the brunt of one very big joke following the social media storm brought on by the announcement post.

Raith Rovers FC announced Liam Dick's contract extension.

The footy club in question confirmed to supporters news of the key player committing his future to the club.

While Dick's current contract was initially set to expire at the end of the month, the 27-year-old player has since had his contract extended until the end of Season 2023/24.

Raith Rovers noted: "Liam’s strong defending and versatility has been vital in him playing over 80 games for the club, scoring four goals."

The announcement tweet began: "Dick extension," alongside a handwriting emoji.

It continued: "We’re delighted to announce Liam Dick has renewed his contract for another year, keeping him at the club until June 2024.

"Liam’s strong defending and versatility has been vital in his 80 appearances for the club, scoring four goals."

The congratulations post concluded with a 'You Belong' hashtag.

The post, which was uploaded less than 24 hours ago now, has since clocked up over 5.2 million views and counting.

While the club may have expected a few words of praise and support for the player's contract extension - it's clear they received a whole lot more than just that with social media users all over focussing on one particular part of the news - Dick's name.

The internet had a very interesting reaction to the announcement.

And let's just say the internet took no time to flock to the comments with an avalanche of penis puns.

One Twitter user commented: "Excellent news. Really stiffens up the defence."

"This is huge," wrote a second.

A third echoed: "Man really lays the wood."

"So many said this extension was pure phallusy," added a fourth.

Another chimed in: "Some say he puts in a good tackle! Hard!"

It didn't stop there, either.

Really taking the jokes to the next level, a sixth clearly put a lot of thought into their reaction to the announcement.

They posted: "I’m really pleased for Dick. The first time I saw him, I wanted him pulled off, but he was a definite grower: hard in the tackle, a solid member of the squad and a real come-from-behind kinda guy."

Ramping it up even further, a final Twitter user penned: "Good signing. Versatile at the back. He’s also got decent long balls, likes a good hard tackle and for a defender isn’t shy getting forward and penetrating the box."

Featured Image Credit: Raith Rovers / Andriy Popov / Alamy Stock Photo

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