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Snoop Dogg drops a People's Elbow-style move on The Miz at Wrestlemania

Snoop Dogg drops a People's Elbow-style move on The Miz at Wrestlemania

The crowd went absolutely wild when The Doggfather took matters into his own hands.

Wrestlemania is a place where anything can happen.

And that statement could not have been truer than when Snoop Dogg got in the ring at Wrestlemania at So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles.

The co-host of the event was standing alongside The Miz when the latter made a complaint against The Doggfather for putting an impromptu match between him and Pat McAfee the night before.

Snoop wasn't going to take any flak so he pointed to the stage section and Shane McMahon's entrance song blasted out of the speakers.

The crowd went wild and they got to witness Shane O’Mac's first WWE match in more than a year.

However, things took a dramatic turn for Shane when he appeared to injure his leg in the middle of the match.

Everyone looked unsure as to what was happening and McMahon was taken out of the ring to be assessed by the medical staff.

While everyone is holding out hope for the wrestler, it left The Miz in an uncertain position because the match wasn't declared over.

So, Snoop Dogg decided to hop back in absolutely dropped The Miz to the floor.

After showing off some fancy footwork in the ring, Snoop delivered his version of The People’s Elbow.

You can only imagine what the crowd must have been thinking when this happened.

One person said: "One should think such a dominant victory over former 2x WWE Champion The Miz puts Snoop Dogg atop the contender’s list for the WWE Universal Championship."

Another added: "Respect to Snoop for improvising on the fly like that."

A third wrote: "Can we all just appreciate the fact that Snoop Dogg realized the situation and came super clutch? MAJOR W."

The rapper covered The Miz and the match was awarded to Snoop.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/WWE

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