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Tommy Fury responds to claims that KSI would 'destroy' him

Tommy Fury responds to claims that KSI would 'destroy' him

He's not too worried

Tommy Fury has responded to bold claims that KSI would 'destroy' him - and it's safe to say he's not too worried.

Unless you've been off grid the past 24 hours, you will know know that the 23-year-old boxer beat his long-time rival Jake Paul last night (26 February).

It was the bout to end all bouts (for the boxing non-purists, at least) following a two-and-a-half-year long feud between the pair.

Although Paul talked the talk, ultimately the judges decided after their eight-round grudge match that Fury was the reigning champ.

Straight after his defeat, the 'Problem Child' expressed his interest in a rematch - but there's another potential opponent who's got his eyes on Fury.

And that person is KSI.

KSI reckons he could take on the pair of them.

The Sidemen star is no stranger to boxing, having previously won by split decision in a bout against Paul's older brother Logan Paul back in 2019.

But the former rivals have since joined forces to launch their sports drink brand Prime - which is a whole other story.

More recently, KSI brutally knocked out FaZe Temperrr in the first round of their main-event Misfits Boxing fight.

And after watching both Fury and Paul's performances last night, he reckons he could take on the pair of them.

Taking to Twitter, the 29-year-old YouTuber wrote, "Honestly I would destroy both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury," alongside a laughing emoji.

Fury responded to the suggestion in his post-fight press conference in Saudi Arabia while sitting alongside his team including his dad, Big John Fury.

The former Love Island star said: "KSI can sit back in his seat in London and say what he wants.

"Like I said before, he can do what he wants - sparring ain't fighting. You got to get in there to do it.

"And I'll tell you now, if KSI wants to entertain a fight, he's no Jake Paul. I'll take that, no problem."

His dad then chimed in to say: "Here in Saudi Arabia... we want KSI in Saudi next."

You never know - we could be seeing Fury vs KSI in the near future.

Dozens of people have commented on the discussion, with many already anticipating who they think would win.

"Tommy smokes KSI within two rounds," wrote one, while another proposed, "KSI vs Jake, winner fights Tommy."

Others just enjoyed the show, including this person who said, "John is hilarious," to which another replied, "The Furys are all entertaining."

Tommy doesn't seem too worried about the idea of a fight against KSI.
BT Sport

KSI's tweet was far from the only thing he had to say about last night's fight, having shared a number of videos on his page including one in which he described both Paul and Fury as 'trash' while screaming with laughter.

In another, he explained to the Paul brother why he failed to beat Fury, joking: "Jake! You see, the problem with you, man... the reason why you lost is because you weren't drinking Prime, baby."

That's one way to promote your business.

Featured Image Credit: @ksi/Twitter/@MichaelBensonn/Twitter

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