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Wimbledon Fan Shouts At Nick Kyrgios To 'Stop Moaning' During Tennis Match

Wimbledon Fan Shouts At Nick Kyrgios To 'Stop Moaning' During Tennis Match

One Wimbledon fan decided enough was enough and yelled at Nick Kyrgios to stop his moaning.

One man lived the dream of many a tennis fan by shouting at Nick Kyrgios to 'stop moaning' during his latest Wimbledon match.

Kyrgios made it into the quarter finals after beating Brandon Nakashima in a five-set thriller.

It's the furthest he's ever managed to get in the competition, and the last time he got to the Wimbledon quarter finals was all the way back in 2014 when he got in on a wildcard entry.

Since then he's developed a reputation as something of a 'bad boy' in tennis, having been fined plenty of times for his outbursts on court and faced accusations of 'tanking' matches when he's losing.

He's made a few enemies during his time in tennis, with Novak Djokovic saying he doesn't have much respect for the 27-year-old.

Despite his obvious talent, Kyrgios has never really managed to get his antics fully under control and they resurfaced in a moment today which left Centre Court laughing at him.

The moment came after the Australian challenged a line call and was clearly proven wrong by Hawkeye technology, at which point Kyrgios decided to have an argument with the umpire.

Claiming he'd been forced to waste a challenge, the star argued back and forth with the man in the big chair.

He said: "You're sitting in a chair that's like that high so tell me if it's in or out.

"Yeah, I'll waste a challenge if I want. It's not close and I have to waste a challenge. How did you not see that though?"

With things getting a little tense it was probably quite lucky that someone in the crowd decided to yell 'stop moaning' at Kyrgios, prompting much of the Centre Court crowd to burst into laughter.

With most of Centre Court laughing at him, Kyrgios seemed to realise he was wasting his time and dropped the point.

Nick Kyrgios in 2014, the last time he reached the quarter finals of Wimbledon.

Kyrgios has spent much of his tennis career hovering in that spot where his talent is clear but he's never been able to fully make the most of it and establish himself as one of the greats in the sport.

While he's done pretty well out of playing tennis by raking in millions in prize money, he's made it clear he actually prefers basketball.

Still, in a sport like tennis which is waving goodbye to a generation of world class talent, Kyrgios has been tipped as a potential successor to the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Djokovic.

Often slated as a sport lacking big personalities to delight the crowds, Kyrgios is that rare kind of player who has a strong personality and can get more than polite applause from the crowd.

Even if they're occasionally laughing at him and not with him, the Australian is box office in a way that few of his fellow tennis players can be.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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