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Nick Kyrgios Slapped With Loads Of Fines After Calling The Umpire A 'F**king Tool Bro'

Nick Kyrgios Slapped With Loads Of Fines After Calling The Umpire A 'F**king Tool Bro'

The 24-year-old also called the umpire a 'potato', a 'disgrace' and the 'worst ref in the world'.​

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Australia's tennis bad boy has struck again and he's absolutely copped it by the ATP.

Nick Kyrgios had one of his classic meltdowns during a match against Karen Khachanov at the Cincinnati Masters.

He left the court and smashed at least one racquet before, appeared to spit at the umpire and then when the match was over he called him a 'fucking tool bro' before refusing to shake his hand. During the match he also hurled a load of insults at umpire Fergus Murphy.

Murphy was called a 'potato', a 'disgrace' and the 'worst ref in the world'.

Unsurprisingly, the ATP has come down hard on the Aussie 24-year-old and fined him $167,000.

He's been penalised for ball abuse, five counts of unsportsmanlike behaviour, leaving the court, verbal abuse and audible obscenity.

"The ATP is looking further into what happened during and immediately after the match to see if additional action is warranted under the Player Major Offense section of the code," the game's governing body said in a statement.

Kyrgios has been slammed by commentators who reckon this should be the final straw.


Aussie tennis great Mark Woodforde told 5AA radio station: "What was frightening for me was the kids after the match leaning over the fence around centre court wanting Kyrgios' shoes, they were wanting the mangled rackets...that shouldn't be happening after the display he displayed.

That to me is troubling. That's not the model for young kids. This is a habit now for Nick.

"It's not really getting any better...the level of his outbursts are starting to get a little bigger and it's disappointing."

Kyrgios recently stormed off the Italian Open in the middle of his match with Norwegian Casper Ruud.

He chucked a chair onto the court in Rome, kicked a water bottle, threw his racket on the ground and mouthed off against the umpire.

During his tirade against the umpire, the tennis star yelled: "I am giving 100 percent to deal with fucking idiots like him, I'm done. I'm fucking done. I'm fucking done with it. I don't give a fuck."

How tasteful.

He eventually chucked his bag over his shoulder and sauntered off the court. Officials defaulted the match and handed the win to Ruud.

The ATP has fined him $32,000 for the default and could warned him he could be suspended from future events. His opponent reckons that would be appropriate considering his history of bad behaviour.

The Norwegian said: "It doesn't seem like anything makes him change these days.

"The ATP should do something...I'm not the only one who thinks he should be suspended for at least half a year."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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