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‘Time Traveller’ whose World Cup final prediction has been proven false won’t delete ‘footage from the future’

‘Time Traveller’ whose World Cup final prediction has been proven false won’t delete ‘footage from the future’

It seems they travelled back from the future but misremembered who won the tournament

A so-called 'time traveller' who foretold who would win the World Cup has been proven to be chatting s**t - but they're not planning on retracting their embarrassing prediction.

TikTok account @worldcuptimetraveller shared a video in which they claimed to offer us a glimpse at the outcome of the World Cup final.

Check it out here:

The video - which has been viewed a staggering 32 million times - predicted that Brazil would beat France in the final 2-1.

However, while France may still be on course for the final - having heartbreakingly eliminated England in the quarter finals - Brazil will not be picking up the trophy, as they were knocked out by Croatia on penalties.

Commenting on the viral prediction video, one TikTok user wrote: "Brazil is out, you aint no time traveler. Me waiting till he removes the video."

But the 'time traveller' is going to keep it up.

Replying to the comment, they wrote: "Bro i made +500€ with this video i wont delete it."

So wait - this person isn't a time traveller at all, they're just some TikTok money-grabber??

To be fair, we might want to take their earnings claims with a pinch of salt too, given they have form for shamelessly talking absolute s***e on the internet.

We're now down to the last four nations in the tournament, so we don't need a time traveller to tell us that either Croatia, Argentina, Morocco or France will win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

England were knocked out by France.
SPP Sport Press Photo. / Alamy Stock Photo

That said, you would have got long odds on that being the final four before the tournament began.

Argentina edged past the Netherlands on penalties in a thrilling encounter, with Croatia causing an upset by beating Brazil from the spot.

Underdogs Morocco continued to shock the football world by eliminating Portugal, while France edged past England 2-1.

France took an earlier lead through a long range strike from Aurelien Tchouameni, with Harry Kane levelling things up from the penalty spot in the second half.

England dominated for long periods but France took the lead once again 12 minutes from time, with Olivier Giroud heading in from Antoine Griezmann's cross.

However, Kane soon had a chance to draw things level from the spot once again, but he blazed the opportunity over the bar and France were able to hold out for the win.

Featured Image Credit: @worldcuptimetraveller/TikTok

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