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Leaked Photos Of Samsung Galaxy S9 Show Radical Changes

Leaked Photos Of Samsung Galaxy S9 Show Radical Changes

Samsung aren’t very good at keeping secrets – which is good news for phone fans hoping to catch a sneaky peek

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

New photos have emerged online that seem to show the design for the next Samsung smart phone, the Galaxy S9.

Mobile phone journalist and tipster Evan Blass posted up the photos just days after releasing a first set of leaked photos.

It looks pretty legit too - although we can't officially confirm whether it is the final design, Blass is usually pretty good at this sort of thing.

The phone looks pretty similar to the Galaxy S8 with an edge to edge infinity display and it's got a fingerprint scanner on the back. The new photos show that there will be a pretty nice looking lilac version of the handset.

One big difference is that it will feature a dual camera module on the back of it. This give it a lot more zooming power, better picture quality in low light and a better depth of field to snaps taken on the back camera.

Leaked Photos of New Samsung Galaxy S9.

As we say, before you rush out and pre-order it, we can't officially confirm that these renders are the real thing, but it looks exactly as everyone thought it would, and - as we say - Evan Blass is usually not far from the truth when it comes to these sorts of things.

The new phone promises to be pretty pricey too. Samsung are bringing it out as a direct rival to the iPhone X, so expect it to cost not much different to Apple's £999 flagship phone.

It could even be more than £800, so you'd better get saving if you are planning on getting your hands on it.

For the price it won't actually be that different to the Galaxy S8 phone, reflecting on a growing trend in mobile phone companies to improve features and gadgets rather than radically changing the format.

Changing the phone entirely could alienate customers who have become used to a certain way of working with a mobile device.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Looks Very Different to the Galaxy S8.

Imran Choudhary from research firm GFK said: "We've now reached a point where it's extremely difficult to differentiate and make significant design changes without altering the fundamental form factor.

"It's perhaps for this reason some are trying to work on new designs like folding phones. Some hardware updates and some new camera features and capabilities are the likely order of the day."

Featured Image Credit: Samsung

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