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Chris Watts' House Has Secretly Gone Up For Sale

Chris Watts' House Has Secretly Gone Up For Sale

The Colorado home is secretly listed for $660,000

The home that Chris Watts lived in with his wife and two kids before he brutally murdered them is now up for sale.

In 2018, Watts strangled his wife Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant with their son, inside their home. He then smothered their two young daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

The five-bed, four-bath Colorado property was listed last week for $660,000. However, it's under a fictitious address to deter true crime fans from visiting unless they're 'serious' buyers.

The house were pregnant Shanann Watts and her two daughters were murdered by Chris Watts.

Their former home has now gone up for sale on realty website Rocket Homes. However, to try and only attract true buyers and deter true crime fans from visiting, the property is listed under a fictitious address of Frederick Drive.

The property is also only available for 'limited showings' to potential buyers with 'funding commitment' letters for at least $660,000. A Zillow listing estimated the home's current value at $816,200. 

The 4,177-square-foot four bedroom, five bathroom home was built in 2013, sits on 0.15 acres and offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Watts and Shanann reportedly bought the property for $400,000.

The Colorado home has been uploaded online under a fictitious address.
Rocket Homes

Previously, the home was listed for auction in 2019, however it received no bids. The home was repossessed after Watts defaulted on the mortgage since being taken into custody and later incarcerated. The home has been vacant since the Watts family lived there.

The home was heavily featured in the Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door, which details the slayings of Shanann and her daughters. The documentary shocked viewers around the world with the details of how Chris killed both his wife and daughters.

The house has clearly undergone quite the transformation since the horrific events of 2018.
Rocket Homes

Watts killed Shanann after she came home from a business trip. He strangled her and then put her body and their two daughters in his truck and drove to isolated oil storage tanks owned by Anadarko Petroleum, where he worked.

After he buried his wife in a shallow grave, he then smothered his two daughters and placed their bodies inside the storage tanks. 

Watts, who was found to be having an affair with a colleague, then claimed for two days that he knew nothing about his family's disappearance. He even went on television to plead for them to come home. 

Chris and Shanann Watts came across as a 'picture perfect' family.

After his arrest, he initially claimed that Shanann was the one who had killed the girls after he had told her he wanted a divorce.

He then added that he had strangled her in anger. However he eventually confessed to the truth.

At his trial, he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. He is now serving five life sentences plus 48 years in prison without the possibility of parole at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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