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Airport security worker warns against travelling with combination lock on luggage

Airport security worker warns against travelling with combination lock on luggage

A man who works at airport security has warned air passengers against travelling with a combination lock on their luggage.

An airport security worker has warned air passengers about travelling with a combination lock on their luggage.

When you are heading on that work trip or that long-anticipated getaway, you want to travel with the reassurance that your luggage will be safe.

A lot of air passengers will invest in combination luggage locks for the convenience that you do not need to take a key with you.

Meanwhile, others will use some other kind of lock to give that added security and peace of mind when flying.

But a video uploaded to TikTok from a transport security administration worker has suggested that the locks do not give as much protection as you'd think.

In the 56-second clip, the man breaks through the zip of a suitcase with just a pen - showing a lock doesn't really add much security at all.

He dubs the opening of the suitcase the 'zipper technique', which is set to have air travelers thinking carefully about luggage security in the future.

Speaking in the viral clip, the man said: "If you're ever traveling, make sure you are aware of how security systems in your bag can be breached.

"A lot of people I see travel with locks on their suitcases with special combinations, but with just a pen, you are actually able to breach a suitcases security.

The airport worker showed how easy it was to get into the luggage with just a pen.
@geenaanac/ TikTok

"The pen to the zipper technique has been around for tons of years, so I wanted show you guys this, so you know to look out for it.

"I'm just going to go all the way around and this once zipped up bag was opened with just a pen.

So for those who may be thinking of new ways to make their luggage more safe and secure, the security guard had some tips.

He said: "The best kinds of zippers have covers over them. That's an extra added layer of security for your luggage when you're traveling."

The TikTok has been viewed more than 4.2 million times and has received close to 240,000 likes.

Many frequent flyers have flocked to the comment section of the video to praise the man for the heads up and some even offered their own luggage-related advice.

A combination lock is often used on luggage for security, but does it actually work?
Casey Martin / Alamy Stock Photo

One person said: "Just don't store anything valuable in luggage."

While a second said: "Always clingwrap your bags. Most airports have this as a service, but you can do it at home!"

And a third added: "This is why I wrap mine with cling wrap or film tightly."

Certainly useful advice for any of us that have booked their summer holiday already.

Featured Image Credit: @geenaanac/TikTok

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