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People reckon Aldi employee ‘needs a raise’ after supermarket savagely roasts Tesco

People reckon Aldi employee ‘needs a raise’ after supermarket savagely roasts Tesco

Aldi used a snap of Rishi Sunak to go in on Tesco

It just wouldn’t be a week in Britain if a supermarket wasn’t going after another supermarket on social media, would it?

During the week Rishi Sunak announced a General Election (or a Genny Lec), Aldi threw punches at Tesco. Well, punched a joke into a keyboard.

But it was so savage that people reckon the employee behind it ‘needs a raise’ after the account roasted its rival so well.

And they used Sunak himself to do it – savage and topical.

A popular meme account shared a snap of the Prime Minister from when he got drenched giving his announcement on Wednesday (22 May) in the rain, without a umbrella.

Rainy Rishi. (Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu via Getty Images)
Rainy Rishi. (Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu via Getty Images)

No Context Brits encouraged its followers: “Caption this,” and the Aldi Stores UK social media account took full advantage of the opportunity to make one of its typical digs at another supermarket.

With Sunak’s face looking rather unimpressed and hard-done by, Aldi wrote in its caption: “Coming out of @tesco realising you just spent £40 on eggs and bread.”

The original post on X has already racked up over three million views as people called it ‘brilliant’.

And as the savage dig went viral across social media platforms, users agreed: “Whoever is the Twitter user for Aldi needs a raise.”

People called it a ‘solid tweet’ and ‘top trolling’ as they called Aldi ‘so naughty’.

“Trolling at its very best,” joked another as one even said it’s the ‘tweet of the year’. Although, the Aldi account did respond: “Not even half way through yet, let us cook!”

Others said: “I need to work with the Aldi marketing team.”

Aldi went in. (X)
Aldi went in. (X)

While one laughed that Aldi is ‘dishing it out’, the account jokingly defended: “Certainly not! We’re simply guessing why the PM is upset!”

The account also added: “Just doing what we do best.”

And when one troll put: “What is wrong with you people?” the Aldi account simply replied: “Nothing better to do!”

Others reposted the original meme with the caption ‘things can only get wetter’, in a nod to the 90’s classic belting out over Sunak’s general election announcement.

While the prime minister spoke at Downing Street in the rain this week, people nearby blasted out D.Ream's 'Things Can Only Get Better' on speakers – loud enough for us to hear on the telly.

And for those who are too young to remember, that’s the song that was used in Labour’s 1997 campaign, when they successfully took out the Tories.

Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

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