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Woman's date thought it was okay to take photo of bum for group chat because of her job

Woman's date thought it was okay to take photo of bum for group chat because of her job

The model opened up about the worst date she's ever been on

A woman has opened up about the date from hell after a guy took a photo of her bum to send to his mates.

Alyssa Jay, from Norfolk, says she's come across her fair share of horror stories when it comes to her romantic endeavours.

The Babestation model says that some guys often have the wrong impression of her because of what she does.

And speaking on the 'Option One' podcast recently, the 27-year-old explained that things went too far during one date.

Alyssa, who is also a project coordinator for an off-shore engineering company, said that she actually caught the lad taking photos of her bum to send over to his pals. Classy.

Recalling the pretty grim encounter, she said: “I had a guy, we went on a date together and I caught him taking a picture of my arse.

Alyssa Jay says one guy tried to take photos of her bum during a date.
YouTube/Option One podcast

“He put the flash on his phone. We were in a pub.

“I was like ‘what are you doing’ and he was like ‘oh I’m just putting it in the group chat’.

“I was like ‘what’ and he is like, ‘I am just telling the guys I am with a Babestation girl’.

“His response was that it is ok because of what [I] do for work. That is where they cross that line because they are a fan now, they are excited to tell their friends.

“I feel like that was why he went on a date with me so he could tell his friends. It was like a bragging thing rather than being interested in me at all.”

But it wasn't all bad for Alyssa, at least she still got a free meal out of it.

When asked if she carried on with the date, the model said that she made him get her dinner.

"Girl's gotta eat," she told the host.

The 27-year-old says guys can get a little 'weird' about her career.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Alyssa also spoke about other guys she's dated in the past who've become a little too interested in her career.

And she admitted that a few lads have even taken snaps of her on TV, so she knows they're watching.

“When I have spoken to people and I have told them I work for Babestation or they have seen my Instagram that I am at Babestation they turn into a fan where they get engrossed in it and they start watching me online," she revealed.

“I had guys send me pictures on TV being like ‘I’m watching you right now’ and I am like ‘why you could call me and speak to me any time’. I just find it a bit weird.”

You're not wrong there.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@alisha_jayyy

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