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Man getting haircut falls asleep for three hours, wakes up to parking ticket and 38 missed calls

Man getting haircut falls asleep for three hours, wakes up to parking ticket and 38 missed calls

He ended up getting a free bed for almost three hours, as well as a trim

Getting a trim is the highlight of most lads weeks; you catch up with the barber you have unwavering loyalty for, get a fresh fade and walk out feeling like a new man.

But for others, it's the only opportunity to get some much needed rest - although this bloke found out the hard way that falling asleep during a haircut isn't exactly a bright idea.

The ridiculously tired tradie, named Billy, had headed to Barber Industries inside the Westfield Kotara shopping centre in Newcastle, Australia, for a pamper session on Friday (22 March) when his tiredness caught up with him.

Still donning his hi-vis gear, the lad ended up having an impromptu nap after sitting down to get a fade and his beard trimmed off his usual stylist, Jordan Magasiva, at 3.14pm.

Billy fell into a deep sleep shortly after sitting down for a trim.

Hilarious footage, shot by the barber, shows Billy looking belting after having his hair spruced up - however, he's also got his head leaned right back and is catching flies after accidentally falling into a deep slumber shortly after sitting down.

The time-stamped video, which has since gone viral, shows the tradie snoozing away in the chair while numerous other people nip in and out of the shop to get their hair snipped.

At one point, a towel is even placed over his head to cover his eyes from the bright lights - but he still doesn't budge.

Nearly three hours later, Billy finally roused from his beauty sleep at 5.38pm with a bemused smile before he gingerly asks: "What time is it?"

Let's be honest, we've all been there. I for one could kip on a washing line.

But Billy was playing a dangerous game - and he's very lucky he has a nice barber who didn't take the opportunity to give him a buzz cut.

The tradie hilariously managed to doze off for nearly three hours.

Jordan uploaded the hilarious clip to TikTok, which has since gained millions of views, explaining that he was happy to let his client sneak in a snooze because he is so 'hardworking'.

Discussing why he let Billy doze the day away, the barber told the Daily Mail: "To see the look in his eyes, just really tired, we all decided we would just let him sleep.

"It was definitely a team effort to make him as comfortable as possible. We even put the cover on his eyes. He’s a good client of ours and usually goes to the barber chair. He’s always in high spirits."

Jordan said the tradie was 'in disbelief' when he woke from the almost three-hour power nap, although he admitted that Billy isn't the first client to fall asleep in the chair.

"I usually try to wake them up a little bit," he added. "If I know they are in high-vis and they are just tired, you’d rather them not drive home in that state. I try to check with them.

"I guess Billy just really felt comfortable and I am glad he slept for three hours. At our shop we really push for that family-oriented type of store."

Unfortunately for Billy though, he soon came crashing down from the comfy cloud he had been kipping on when he checked his phone and discovered he had a whopping 38 missed calls.

On top of that, he had also drastically overstayed the time on his parking ticket - so ended up being slapped with a fine.

I reckon he might opt for an early night in future instead.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jordan.topboy.blends

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