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Baba Vanga-style psychic who predicted Queen would die this year releases list of events she's got right

Baba Vanga-style psychic who predicted Queen would die this year releases list of events she's got right

People didn't think Hannah's list was accurate at the start of the year, but a lot of it has come true...

The Covid-19 pandemic might be largely behind us now, but it's safe to say that 2022 has been a historic year regardless.

As we all know, one of its most memorable events was the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, which was actually previously predicted by a young psychic who's been compared to Baba Vanga.

Hannah Carroll's predictions for 2022 were recently reposted to social media after the 19-year-old correctly predicted a number of events including the demise of Pete Davison and Kim Kardashian's unlikely romance.

She made 28 predictions at the start of the year, and she has been slowly but surely ticking them off at one of the time on TikTok.

The predictions were almost all major world and celebrity events, and they included a major scandal involving Kanye West (we don't need to remind you what this was) as well as Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker - who only just got hitched in February - either splitting up or having a baby.

She also predicted Beyoncé releasing a new album, Rihanna having a baby, and Kim Kardashian splitting up with Pete Davidson... although a lot of us could see that one coming.

As you can tell from the video above, not all of the psychic's predictions have come to pass, but with each one that Hannah gets right, the more people are beginning to wonder what's next.

Hannah revealed her scarily accurate predictions earlier this year.

As you can imagine, the accuracy of Hannah's predictions has floored social media users, and they were particularly impressed that she predicted the Queen's death.

This is because although the Queen was 96, there were no major indications that she was going to meet her fate any time soon - and she welcomed a new prime minister just days before she passed away.

Reacting to Hannah's knack for fortune telling, one TikTok user remarked: "girl you are on the same thing as the simpsons writers are how did you know this stuff [sic]."

"I remember seeing your list a while back and thinking this won't happen but it did wow [sic]," added a second.

"This list don't look too crazy after all," remarked a third while a fourth asked Hannah if she was making a list for 2023.

She went on to confirm that she is, although it has yet to be revealed, but she has released an updated list of her 2022 predictions - showing everything that she's got right.

The Kardashians should probably hire Hannah at this point.

To put the accuracy of Hannah's 2022 list into context, so far, 12 things on it have come true - so it's no wonder that she's being compared to Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga.

While some predictions like Billie Eilish coming out as bisexual and One Direction reuniting are yet to happen, Hannah is convinced that everything will take place very soon - if not this year.

She told The Mirror: "I still think all of my predictions will come true, but maybe I was off a bit on the timing and some will happen in the next few years rather than this year."

Do you think the rest will happen?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannahcarrollxxx

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