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Young couples are desperately trying to pass ‘The Beckham Test’ in new trend

Young couples are desperately trying to pass ‘The Beckham Test’ in new trend

Just when you thought you'd been tested enough, there's another TikTok trend challenging couples

Just when you thought you’d proved yourself enough, there’s another ‘test’ thrown at you by your partner.

Thanks to TikTok there always seems to be a new dating trend floating round or a viral video outlining a test for couples.

We’ve had the Orange Peel Theory and the narcissist red flags, now enters in ‘The Beckham Test’.

Yes, as in David and Victoria Beckham. The football star and the Spice Girl. Posh and Becks.

We all got an extra little insight into the star couple’s life earlier this year thanks to the release of their Netflix documentary, Beckham.

And it seems a certain clip from the show has been picked up by TikTok and turned into a trend. Shock.

So basically, viewers have picked up a moment from the docu-series where the two Beckhams are dancing together to Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger’s ‘Islands in the Stream’ – bet it’s in your head already.

The bloke doesn't seem bothered.

And now young couples are desperately trying to pass the test of dancing along themselves.

One half will casually (not exactly naturally in all cases) start side stepping along to the banger, with the hope their S.O. will join in.

Usually, their partner takes a moment to process what tf is actually going on and will then sweetly start dancing along.

Yeah, soppy stuff basically.

But unluckily for some, it seems not everyone is passing ‘The Beckham Test’.

One video shows a woman in her literal wedding dress dancing around the kitchen, while her husband seemingly couldn’t care any less.

Apparently, they’ve been married for nine years and people have slammed him for giving her the ‘cold shoulder’.

Couples are using it to test their relationship.

However, others reckon it’s more of a ‘skit’ than actual red flags in their relationship – I mean, let’s be real, it feels like half of these kind of videos on TikTok are staged.

Users following the trend say it’s the true test from a ‘power couple’ as others say it was the ‘fave part’ from the Netflix documentary.

Many called it ‘too cute’ and praise some of doing it ‘better than Beckham’.

Others said though: “Mine would have dance depending on the mood at the moment, the fatigue, the SONG… I mean come on.”

And one did write: “Y’all gotta stop basing your relationships on a TikTok challenge, if I did this my husband would look at me like I’m crazy, he would not get up and dance.”

Well, each to their own I guess.

Featured Image Credit: @chasingser0t0nin/@ashley.beachy1/tiktok

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