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Couple who stayed celibate until their wedding night explain if it was worth the wait

Couple who stayed celibate until their wedding night explain if it was worth the wait

A Christian YouTube couple have opened up about the big day

A couple who waited until their wedding night before having sex spoke about whether it was worth the wait.

These days most couples that tie the knot have done the no-pants dance a few times before they walk down the aisle and into the nicest room at a nearby hotel while the guests politely disperse.

It's a far cry from days gone by when couples would often wait until marriage (or at least say they did), though some marriages do still involve couples who stayed celibate until the big day.

One such couple are Nate and Sutton, religious YouTubers who post about their life, family and relationship.

One of their most popular videos tackled people's questions about being virgins on their wedding night, so being YouTubers they decided to make a video talking all about it.

The couple said their wedding night was worth the wait.
YouTube/Nate and Sutton

"One thing that was crazy about the whole thing, I remember being extremely shaky, almost, and emotional. We were very shaky and we both cried," Nate explained.

"I think that just goes to show what a meaningful moment it was to the both of us. Was it worth the wait?"

It was then that Sutton chipped in to say 'heck yes', clapping for emphasis and saying 'that's the easiest question I'll ever answer'.

Nate said the sex was 'so beyond worth the wait', but that in his life he'd never thought he'd have preferred not to wait until marriage.

He said: "The cool thing is I feel like there's no pressure, especially on your wedding night.

"We'd just committed our lives to each other, we have our entire marriage to practice if we are bad at it.

"Was it awkward? The question everyone wants to know, it was so far from being awkward."

The couple said they both cried on their wedding night, but in a good way.
YouTube/Nate and Sutton

Sutton said things weren't awkward as they were 'doing things the way God intended it', while Nate described the couple's wedding night as 'beautiful, wonderful, pleasing, marvellous, magnificent, lovely, delightful, divine and ravishing'.

Someone else who waited until marriage was Canadian woman Alicia, who shared what she wished she'd known before her wedding night.

Her first piece of advice was being open with your partner about any nerves in the days leading up to the wedding.

She also suggested that couples shower together before their wedding night, and explained that you should go to the loo and have a pee after sex to avoid getting a UTI.

Laying out towels on the bed to catch any potential mess and laughing things off if things were getting awkward were other parts of her advice, and to 'be present' in the moment.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Nate and Sutton/Instagram/NateandSutton

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