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Private investigator shares one 'main takeaway' that often means someone is cheating on their partner

Private investigator shares one 'main takeaway' that often means someone is cheating on their partner

It's a job that's taken Jack Charman 'to some interesting places'.

An ex-soldier whose job was to gather intelligence on enemy forces now uses his skills to closely monitor unfaithful spouses.

Jack Charman is the founder and managing director of National Private Investigators based in London.

He works regularly with people who suspect that their loved ones are doing the dirty on them.

Charman will surveil the suspected cheaters, catch them in the act and report back to their partners.

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In an interview with Stylist, the private investigator said 'it's a job that’s taken me to some interesting places'.

"There was the time I followed a client’s husband who was staying in London 'on business'," Charman recalled.

"After going out for dinner in Mayfair with some associates, he withdrew a large sum from a cash machine and returned to his hotel, where he rang his wife and said he was turning in.

"But just as she called to tell me I could stand down for the night, I saw her husband leave the hotel and hop into a black cab."

After following the taxi in his own car 'that's designed to blend in', Charman saw the man 'enter a brothel'.

"A bedroom on the second floor was illuminated by a pink light, the blinds wide open," Charman said.

"From my vantage point outside, I saw my client’s husband enter the room – accompanied by two women.

"I knew she would be devastated, but I had the evidence I’d been hired to find."

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Opening up on the 'main takeaway' which often means someone is cheating on their partner, he said that 'trusting your intuition' is everything.

"I often rely on mine doing this job, and it rarely lets me down," he explained.

"We’ve all been in situations where something feels ‘off’, and by the time I’m involved, the client usually knows something is going on; they just want the proof.

"Someone who is cheating will gaslight their partner to try to make them doubt themselves – this is something I see all the time.

"It’s disturbing behaviour. It’s so important to recognise the signs of gaslighting and to know when it’s happening to you."

According to Private Detectives Birmingham: "Gaslighting is a process where one person in a relationship controls and manipulates the other by distorting their sense of reality and their memories.

"They will convince the victim that they are 'imagining things', 'remembering events incorrectly' or even 'crazy'. More often this takes place in romantic relationships."


Now, it turns out there is a key difference in how men and women cheat on each other.

Raymond Ranno, who has worked in private investigating for over 30 years, is in charge of his own agency in Connecticut, US.

He says 'about 40 percent' of his work involves spying on cheating couples and in an interview on Locked In with Ian Bick, he says that for men, having a 'clean car' is a big clue.

“If a guy's going to pick up his sweetie on the side, he wants a clean car," he said.

“As soon as somebody goes to the car wash I think ‘Ha ha, what's next?’ It’s amazing how they do that."

He then revealed the difference in how women behave when cheating, saying it's 'pretty much the opposite for women'. "Women not so much... because they usually jump in the guy's car," he said.

"Men always want to drive. It's very rare that I see a guy jump into a female's car."

Raymond said he's even seen cheaters picking up their flings 'on the same street' as their own homes. Yikes.

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