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Mum furious after seeing child's 'ridiculous' preschool daily schedule

Mum furious after seeing child's 'ridiculous' preschool daily schedule

The strict schedule for kids at this daycare Down Under has left parents stunned.

You might think adulthood is hard, but you haven't seen this four-year-old's exhausting daily schedule.

It seems they're starting them young in Australia, getting ready for the real world, as this youngster has got more on her plate than most grown-ups - and she's only in preschool.

It's safe to say her mum was pretty peed off when she found out the strict regimen her daughter is supposed to follow on a daily basis at her $125-a-day (£65) nursery.

The woman explained that after dropping her daughter off at the preschool Down Under, she approached a teacher and asked how her little one was getting on.

To her shock, the mother-of-two was informed that her daughter 'has no concentration in all subjects'.

As any concerned parent would, she decided to do some digging to get to the route of the issue, which was causing her kid to apparently underperform in comparison to her peers.

So, you can imagine her horror when she discovered that the four-year-old was expected to follow an intense timetable of 'preschool routines', all the way from drop off at 7am to pick up time at 6.30pm.

Even if you're not that good at maths, you can realise it's a lot longer than your 9 to 5 with an hour lunch break. It's 11 hours and 30 minutes, to be exact. The best part of a day essentially.

The four-year-old has a lot on her plate for a pre-schooler.
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The morning kicks off with 'before care' and breakfast, before the children then spend 15 minutes carrying out an assembly, roll call, singing the national anthem and the 'acknowledgement of the country'.

There's then maths and engineering, history, creative arts as well as science and technology lessons, before a brief recess and 'progressive morning tea'.

Preschoolers then start studying again until 12.40pm, when they 'get ready for a progressive lunch', which is followed by 'meditation or rest'.

They then head back to the classroom again for 'news, letters and booklets' until 3.45pm.

The rest of the day is filled up with 'free discussion time', 'progressive afternoon tea' and 'after school care'.

Some nurseries and preschools offer 'progressive' mealtimes, which gives kids the freedom to eat when they're hungry rather than being pressured to eat at definitive times - which seems to be about the only benefit of attending this place.

The horrified mum asked other parents what they thought of the strict schedule.

The mum shared a snap of the gruelling timetable in a Facebook group back in 2020, while airing her displeasure at the lack of flexibility in the daily schedule for young children.

She fumed: "Is this what preschoolers are meant to be learning in a long day centre every day in their class? Or is it just me thinking this is really ridiculous?

"I looked at her schedule and no wonder why my four-year-old has no concentration."

Parents were in staunch agreement with her and couldn't believe what the preschool were demanding of youngsters.

One said: "This is a bulls*** routine. When do they get to be kids?" while another wrote: "The teacher has forgotten where she is teaching. This looks like my high school kids' timetable."

A third added: "'Poor kids must be so confused and exhausted."

And a fourth added: "A four-year-old has limited concentration anyway, that's a harsh routine. I'm all for kids going to school at four to five, but they should be learning to socialise, interact, learn through play and enjoy their early school years. This looks ridiculous to me."

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Image/Facebook

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