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Groom plays video of bride 'cheating on him' to entire room at wedding

Groom plays video of bride 'cheating on him' to entire room at wedding

They probably didn't end up going on the honeymoon

A groom called his bride out for allegedly cheating on him with her brother-in-law in front of everybody they knew by playing a video of her to all the guests at their wedding.

There might have been a better time to call it quits than during the actual wedding, but if you want to generate the most drama and let literally everyone you know be aware of what's happened, it's got to be the big day.

Footage of a wedding in China took a turn for the unexpected when the groom played the video of that appeared to show his bride cheating on him, with her pregnant sister's husband no less.

You can watch the dramatic moment below:

The video drew shocked gasps from the crowd as the groom shouted: "Did you think I didn't know about this?"

She threw her bouquet of flowers at him in response while their nearest and dearest rushed over to try and get between the couple.

We can only assume they didn't patch things up in the next five minutes and decided to go through with the wedding after all.

The clip first went viral in late 2019, which seems like a different, more innocent time than these days.

This wedding is seconds away from disaster and the groom knows it.

According to Asia One, the groom accidentally caught his bride-to-be cheating on him while he was testing out a camera he'd had installed in their house.

That's when he spotted the supposed cheating, and apparently decided the day to air the footage was the one where everyone they knew would be in a room together.

The viral clip caused plenty of debate, to say the least, as plenty sided with the groom and thought he'd enacted the perfect revenge.

"Smart timing. Still gets to have the big party, but will also be able to get a quick and easy annulment," one said of the decision to drop the bombshell on his wedding day.

A second said it was the 'best revenge' while a third admitted that they were 'petty' enough to do something similar if they were ever in the same situation.

This groom isn't the only one to try such a method, as a bride exposed her fiancé by reading out every single one of his texts which proved he was cheating to their wedding guests.

As soon has he played the video things started kicking off.

Support for him wasn't unanimous, as many others figured that he could have 'just called off the wedding', with some discussing whether 'the idea of loss of face' was the real point.

It would avoid any sort of ambiguity about the break up, though the downside was having to count the cost of the wedding you never even got to have.

However, others wondered whether the whole thing might actually have been a stunt because if you're going to expose your partner for cheating then it might be an idea to do it before one of the most expensive days of your life.

Someone said: "Fr this has gotta be on of the most expensive ways to expose someone for this."

Maybe they couldn't get the deposit back.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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