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Woman who lives on cruise ship debunks the main concern people have about living on-board

Woman who lives on cruise ship debunks the main concern people have about living on-board

She says the cruise ship is one 'huge home'

Every day is the same, you get up, go to work, come back and mentally prepare for another day of work.

And you’re always in the same place, wishing for a holiday – you deserve one.

But if you lived on a cruise ship, things might be pretty different. It’s certainly a unique way of living, that’s for sure, and it seems to be a popular choice for many.

People often seem to be quitting their jobs and selling their homes to live a life at sea instead.

Some do it because they say it’s a cheaper option and for this woman, she does it as the wife of the Staff Chief Engineer of a cruise ship.

Christine Kesteloo sails as a ‘wife onboard’ and often takes to TikTok to document her unique lifestyle.

She shares her cruise ship life to TikTok.
TikTok / @dutchworld_americangirl

The American woman answers questions about the cruise ship way of life and previously debunked the main concern people seem to have about living on board.

While she has a balcony with her cabin, some cruise ships do have inner cabins without even a window.

And Kesteloo acknowledges that people complain about how expensive it is to live in these inside cabins as she echoes their usual saying: “Oh my gosh I could never live on a cruise ship on an inside cabin with no window.”

However, the TikToker says they’re just ‘forgetting to look at the bigger picture’.

She explains: “You have to think of it this way, that’s just your bedroom – that inside cabin is just your bedroom. The ship, the huge cruise ship, that is your home. That’s a darn huge home.”

Well, each to their own, I guess.

Users pointed out that the ‘huge home’ is made even better by the fact ‘people cook for you and do your laundry and make your bed’.

To be fair, that does sound like a dream right now.

Her cabin has a balcony.
TikTok / @dutchworld_americangirl

While others pointed out that on dry land it’s ‘against code to have a bedroom without a window’ some say it’s where you ‘get the best sleep’.

Another wrote: “You get free food, free wifi, free utilities, free cleaning. Visit new places, meet new people. No gas spent. It’s like a dream home.”

But others say they’ve ‘heard everything is so expensive on cruise ships’.

Many say they’d do it ‘100 percent’ whereas another says they ‘can’t think of anything worse than living on a cruise ship’.

Well, it’s definitely not a life for everyone, as even in a ‘huge home’ I think I’d still want a window.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @dutchworld_americangirl

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