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Hilarious moment family of four and two dogs pull up to tiny house booked by dad

Hilarious moment family of four and two dogs pull up to tiny house booked by dad

The family couldn't quite believe what they were seeing

A family-of-four were left in hysterics after arriving at their holiday rental only to discover they’d accidentally booked a 114-square-foot tiny house - and you can see their reaction to the realisation here: 

Dad JJ Keefe booked the rental for his family and their two dogs as they were travelling to Canton in New York to drop-off their son Aidan at university. 

But they quickly realised he’d made a mistake while booking when they arrived at the home in the Adirondacks, northern New York, to find the tiny blue house. 

JJ’s daughter Kylie, 25, filmed their reaction as they were taken aback by the size of the property, which would probably be better suited to four dolls than four full-sized adults. 

Kylie explained: "My dad saw that it slept four and the cheap price and booked it with no second thought.” I’d pay good money to see four people try and spend a weekend in this gaff, to be honest.

The house wasn't quite what they expected.

After arriving at their rental, the family - obviously - noticed it was a little smaller than they expected, measuring just 114 square-foot downstairs with a 96 square-foot loft, with Kylie admitting: "We all laughed when we pulled in and saw the size of the home."

I’m not sure I’d have been laughing, but I’m glad they managed to see the funny side. 

Upon noticing the mistake, JJ put Kylie and Aiden up in a nearby hotel, but somewhat impressively, he and his missus decided to kip there.

“My dad and stepmom, Erika Keefe, did stay in the tiny home with the two dogs,” Kylie said. 

"They said the home was very cramped, but we were all laughing for pretty much our entire trip so It didn’t bother them to stay there." A very classic Dad move to not let it go to waste after spending money it.


Kylie shared the funny clip to her TikTok where it quickly went viral racking up more than 32 million views. 

It also grabbed the attention of a bunch of brands, including Airbnb and Hilton Hotels. 

Kylie explained: "When I saw the responses from Arby's, Hilton and Airbnb, I was shocked, but thought it was hilarious."

And not only was it ‘hilarious’, but it also turned out to be pretty lucrative for the family, with Airbnb offering them a free $500 voucher and Hilton giving them a free stay at a hotel, not too bad, eh? 

Kylie added: "All of the companies were incredibly generous to me and have made this one of the craziest experiences of my life thus far.”

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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