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Family Move Into Tiny £50k Home That's So Small They Can't Stand Up Upstairs

Family Move Into Tiny £50k Home That's So Small They Can't Stand Up Upstairs

The owners say they might even go for a smaller home in the future.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A family who got sick of paying staggering rent costs in London decided to buy themselves a tiny house on wheels and say they have absolutely no regrets. You can see inside the home here:

David Westwood, 32, and girlfriend Becky live in the £50,000 house with David's son Joss, 11, and their dog Digby having previously rented a three-bedroom house in London.

The couple say they realised they didn't need as much space as they had, so they decided to downsize but were still paying a whopping £1,250 a month in rent.

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They then started to look into 'van life' and the concept of tiny purpose built homes that has been heralded as a creative way to address the lack of affordable housing, reduce living costs and shrink our carbon footprint.

David, who runs YouTube channel Living The Tiny Life, said: "In many ways it's exactly the same as living in a conventional house.

"There are obvious differences, such as we're not plumbed into anything so every three or four days, we need to fill up our 250-litre water tank that basically provides the entire house with water. Showers, washing machine and doing the dishes."

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"We've got a separate ten litre water tank that we use for drinking water that we tend to fill up every two to three days.

"Aside from those couple of things the house as a whole is pretty much exactly the same as you would get in a conventional house.

"We've got a living room, we've got a kitchen, we've got a dining room, we've got a bathroom with a big shower we've got two bedrooms upstairs.

"All of our appliances are exactly the same size that you would get in a standard house. We've also got a full-size sofa bed this isn't a scaled down version or anything.

"Our bed is a king-sized bed, it's not a double or a small double.

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"I guess the only compromise is we have to go up the ladder to get to our bedroom because we don't have enough room for stairs.

"You can get a bigger tiny house which you could have stairs in and maybe more headroom upstairs."

The teeny property offers six-foot of headspace downstairs, but upstairs is just four-foot high - meaning neither David nor Becky can stand up fully.

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But the couple say they're delighted with their home and only wish they'd done it sooner.

He said: "There are compromises with living in a tiny house but the pros of being in the house far outweigh the cons in my opinion."

"I wouldn't want to live any other way, if anything I think our next step will probably be smaller than what we are now.

"I really wish that we'd done this so much sooner rather than wasting tens of thousands of pounds just on paying rent over the last six years."

Featured Image Credit: News Dog Media

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